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Police say man in widely shared video outside grocery store had committed multiple offenses, had warrants

Here we go again. He was not unarmed. Your fist can be used as a deadly weapon. And just put your hands behind your back and let them put cuffs on you and you wont be taken to the ground.officer saftey is number one.

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Following police shooting, some city leaders call for more police training, data regarding Lawrence traffic stops

Come on get real. I am white and last i knew white was a color as well.yes a typical traffic stop but the guy has warrants and has anger issues you fight with a cop try to do serious bodily harm you deserve to be shot.so what is the issue ?

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Snatch and run: Police say taxi cab driver robbed of cash

CCW like other taxi drivers do. Hope it was caught on camera.

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City manager: Positions on chopping block are 'nontraditional'

Compare to other cities ? Cut the funding for extra officers on the 4th of July and lift the fireworks ban. Brining in more tax revenu by allowing families to shop locally and stay at home instead of leaving town to celebrate.

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A few answers to crime and emergency questions you may have been asking

6/22 3:30 a.m.800 block of Maine a woman walking her dog when someone in a silver car wearing mask stopped and stabbed the woman. Not news worthy ?

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Eudora Police seeking help in solving pharmacy burglary

Made me laugh good joke.

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More than 500 cited during Click it or Ticket campaign in Lawrence, Douglas County

Come on people seat belts don't save lives. Jesus does.

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Lawrence plans stricter enforcement of citywide fireworks ban

What a waste of money !!!!!

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Should fireworks be banned countywide?

NO NO NO My dad served in WWII and the Korean conflict. His ship was hit and his brain was rattled and till his death he loved fireworks.

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