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Simons' Saturday Column: How does KU rank in customer satisfaction?

Our son graduates from high school this month and after an exhaustive amount of research decided to attend Dartmouth College. I'm a KU grad and he has been a dyed in the wool Jayhawk forever. He attended lots of basketball and academic camps at KU growing up, so this is not an I hate KU rant. However, when comparing 4 year graduation rates, student satisfaction with professors, (Dartmouth was rated 1st again this year) responsiveness from the admission's office, contact with his chosen department chair, who has written personal notes to him on two different occasions, we and mainly my son decided on Dartmouth. He made two separate visits to Dartmouth and both were well received in terms of attention to his concerns and answering all of our questions. On his last visit he asked to observe a class and not only was he allowed to do so but asked by the professor to participate in the problem and discuss the results with the rest of the class.
Now I know that Dartmouth with only 4,000 students can do things on a level KU cannot. But as a KU grad I'm sad to see one of our bright kids (scored 35 out of 36 on the ACT) leave the state and probably not return.
I don't blame KU, but if we as Kansas don't get ahold of higher education we are going to witness a big brain drain. If the politicians want to grow the economy then invest in higher education. As a 5th generation Kansan I've always been proud of our schools and the positive light they have always shown on us. But when the State of Kansas only provides an average of 30% to our state supported schools then we can only go one way and that is down in quality and higher in cost to the students.

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