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Fearing resigns as Southwest Middle School assistant principal

More than ten years ago, Mr. Fearing took my daughter under his wing. She was being bullied by a group of girls at Southwest, who threatened physical violence at school, defaced our home and posted death threats online. The police at the time suggested we just "let it go," but Mr. Fearing graciously acted as an advocate by allowing my daughter to "hang out" with him in the school office at lunchtime to avoid these girls in the lunchroom. This was at the time when the issue of bullying was just beginning to be discussed and the school wasn't prepared to take as strong a stand as it would probably be able to today against the bullying girls. Mr. Fearing was her hero and we thank him for his kindness. By the way, my daughter has survived and flourished, and is a successful professional now. Our family wishes Mr. Fearing the best.

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Douglas County prosecutor removed from cases for errors in trials

A trail of incompetence. We could have predicted this one. Karma.

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Writer and former Douglas County sheriff candidate George Kimball dies

I remember George! In 1968, I was a freshman at KU, living in Corbin. One night on the way back from campus, my roommate and I were lured into the Rock Chalk by some friendly people standing outside, who invited us to a party at Keith Thomas' house on Mississippi St. Naively, we went. Inside the house, George was holding court, telling stories as he did, and he waved to welcome us in. He could see my friend and I were just naive little college girls and he said, "Do you want to do some acid?" We freaked out, ran out the door and crawled up the hill through the bushes back to our dorm, feeling we had escaped the devil! Every time I drive by that hill on Indiana I think about George, who actually turned out to be a pretty nice guy, as were many his friends - thoughtful, intelligent people who happened to have a different perspective on life. Stepping outside my comfort zone and into the wild and wonderful world of Lawrence totally changed my life.

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Former Lawrence church youth leader convicted of aggravated indecent liberties with a child

A few random thoughts: Does anyone else wonder why we haven't seen pictures of this guy? And why was this story buried in the back pages of the J-W? If I remember correctly, the LHS teacher's picture was everywhere for days (and months), and she was only a few years older than the student. Were they going for sensationalism with Ms. Kane's coverage - just trying to stir things up? Sell papers? Is it somehow slightly more acceptable for this older man to have a relationship with a 15 y.o. girl than for a 23 year-old young woman to be charmed and ultimately seduced by an adult-sized, aggressive, physically mature 15 y.o. boy with raging hormones? Mmmm....Sexism? In both cases, there was definitely a lack of judgment and both of the older people should have stepped away from the situation. Why was the coverage so much more demeaning to her, though? Is it not such a big story because the judge in this case not trying to score political brownie points like the previous one? Also, why was Randy Weisman seen leaving the courthouse by someone we know just prior to Ms. Kane's sentencing hearing, He couldn't possibly have been trying to do some last minute influencing, could he?

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