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Kansas budget plan draws fire over school funding

KS school districts have $1.7 BILLION in reserves/unencumbered funds? And they're whining about having to use it? This is taxpayer money! They'd better use it before they ask for a dime more from the taxpayers.

Kansas school district spending (especially the larger ones) has outpaced the growth of enrollments in the past decade by a wide margin. The administrations of these districts have mushroomed while teaching and classroom resources (the money devoted to actual teaching and student outcomes) have not. Good for the legislature for requiring that these districts take money out of their $1.7 BILLION savings account -- let's hope they use it to improve academic outcomes, not pad administrators' salaries (by the way -- school employees' KPERS pensions are not even included in school budgets -- we pay for that separately!). Thanks to the legislators for being good stewards of our hard-earned tax dollars.

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Capitol Briefing: Major tax debate on tap; voucher bill in play; seniors on the hook to fish, hunt

Jayhawkfan1985 hasn't done his homework. Nor has Mr. Rothschild. The bill is not a voucher bill -- the bill actually deals with tax credits. No public monies will go to parochial schools. Parents who choose to enroll children in charter or parochial schools will actually have a choice to educate their children as they see fit. The uneducated, like Jayhawkfan1985, would do well to learn the difference between vouchers and tax credits. Parents are wising up and demanding that they control their children's educational progress. This bill is a step in the right direction to allow parents to do just that. There is no attempt to "underwrite religious training" -- that's absurd. And "Eride" is misguided, too. There is no "giant tax break for the rich" here -- the bill concerns at-risk students who meet certain criteria. They receive scholarships funded by organizations that receive tax credits for making contributions to these scholarships.

Get the facts, folks. And quit creating roadblocks for parents who seek better alternatives for their own children.

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