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Merc set for $1.5M renovation

whole foods doesn't hold a candle to the merc. now a trader joe's would be more inline. affordable,low prices, all your "hippie stuff".. since i'm no longer in lawrence though, i was just caught up in all the bad mouthing. no need to bad mouth something that you don't have to shop at. eh?

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Mistrial declared in Boardwalk Fire case

from what i read here, jason rose probably has an iq of about 79-80.. he's been setting fires since he was young and obviously never had to accept responsibility for what he has done.. a similiar situation happened with a friends son (adopted) when he was young and the interviewer(either srs or police) were always so quick to ask him what did he want... poor little borderline retarded boy.. nothing happens to them as children and then they become adults and think they will be patted on the hand there there.... he obviously needs some intense therapy... and he really needed it way back when. this world is getting crazier by the minute, noone has to take responsibility till lives are lost.. its too late then, intervention needs to happen way earlier.

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Mother files suit in suicide case

in a university town, have any of you ever heard of reading comprehension? The story clearly starts off with MS Mitchell's motivation behind the law suit. i don't think its the money, having lost a child(not to suicide but a bad decision on the dr.s part) you don't want it happening to anybody else. we've come along way from the hippocratic oath when dr.s pledged to save lives and now it is all about the mighty dollar or insurance mandating rules and regulations rather then health care.
Unless you've walked a mile in her shoes, save your rhetoric..

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Repeat sex offender sentenced to 20-plus years despite claim of innocence

curious you said:
We have what is called Germanic justice. As long as we have someone in jail, we have the case solved. Someone, not necessarily the right someone, has to pay for the crime

HOW TRUE>> we don't care anymore who did it as long as someone is in jail for it we can live in our happy little worlds..

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Giles cited for battery

what he should've done was gone downstairs, called the cops to remove her and meantime head his girlfriend off at the pass.

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'Person of interest' is arrested in slaying; new details emerge

ummmm.. anthony went out with major.... doesn't it make just as much sense that major ran because he saw what happened or was running for his life?
maybe thats why they considered him a person of interest and not a suspect.

i'd also suggest not blaming the entire edwards clan for the mistakes of a few. i''m sure everyone here has some kind of skeletons in their closets.

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Sex shop tries new tactic to stay put

late night word.. all the screaming about right wing fundamentalists is a smoke screen for you lefties trying to infilitrate the world with your perversions.. marion you sound like one sick pup..

as for the topic, i believe people have a right in this country to choose where they shop and what they buy..
i don't see any difference if this biz is on mass st or on 6th... it could be worse. anyway i am assuming they don't have peep shows there or do they?

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Magazine not in Kansas anymore

"The current issue of Midwest Living, for example, includes a story about the Flint Hills in Kansas.

Boosting prospects for increased exposure of Kansas and its travel destinations is considered part of the "increased efficiency" of the new deal with Midwest Living, he said.

"By working with them, they'll have a better understanding of what we've got going on in Kansas," Asher said. "That will help them have a better understanding of Kansas, and promote the state through their magazines.""
It's midwest livings business to showcase places in the midwest, kansas being one of them. that's such malarkey. midwest living will be writing their articles regardless of the "connection".. When Kansas has the capabilities to do excellent work they shouldn't be rewarded by losing their contract to an out of state business. the kansas magazine is professional and extremely well done there really is no need to move it.

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Mistaken arrest may lock out bondsman

i'm with baille... well written and thought out..

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Churches wrestle with security amid ministry

There is a theme that runs through the whole Bible, and that is to feed the poor, shelter the homeless, visit the widow and to welcome the alien/stranger among us. Ibet if someone sat down with those drunks daily and shared with them the love of Jesus, they would either ...1.respond with changing their lives or 2. get the hay out of dodge and look for a place that wasn't so welcoming. the whole real issue though is the mental illness that runs throughout the homeless.. addictions fall into that realm. sad day when they shut down the state hospitals.

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