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The alternative Oscars

That was fun!
Rush was a really good flick.
I didn't know people needed to look up Desolation.. huh. Do they not read much?

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Report: Murder suspect, 19, had knives, guns, hash, ax in victim's car

Ah, thank you for that clarification.

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What is the essential Super Bowl party snack?

L'il Smokies wrapped in crescent roll corners... aka "piggies in a blanket".

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Report: Murder suspect, 19, had knives, guns, hash, ax in victim's car

Yes, who is to say that she wasn't on the run from some other folks involved in the incident?
I had no idea hashish was back to being a popular drug in Kansas!

Another question is raised; a previous article stated the LPD has the alleged murder weapon, but this one says it was found in the car?

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Anti-abortion legislator has ultrasounds performed in her Senate committee

Showing sonograms performed at 12 and 24 weeks and making a spectacle of the miracle of life is totally ignoring the fact that most abortions are performed in the first trimester. I challenge any of those legislators to recognize and identify the parts of a fetus visible in a sonogram of that stage of pregnancy. "Waving its little hand at us"? Oh puhleaze.

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How do you like your eggs?

Farm Fresh and sunny side up!

Or in a quiche, custard, omelette, fritatta, deviled, boiled, scrambled, poached.....

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Abortion opponent will have ultrasound done on pregnant woman during committee meeting

I believe that whenever possible, the girl/woman should have the right to make her own decisions about what she is to do with her own body, without the interference of state/church or well-meaning people with their own agendas.
There is not a woman alive who is not aware of what she is terminating, and even that doesn't make anyone sleep any better with all the people standing ready and willing to pass judgement and shame upon her.
If adoptions were as simple as anti-abortion believers would like to think, there would be no need for so many couples to have to journey overseas to secure a baby. And a great many good people who do want to adopt are more often unwilling to take on a child born to a possibly unhealthy, malnourished (thank you, state legislators, for cutting human services) and addicted and/or alcoholic woman.
But you see, the majority of abortions aren't done on young teens, but are actually chosen by married women with children already who have fallen victim to birth control failure and and well, well aware of their decision being the harder yet the more desirable outcome for themselves and their families.

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What’s the best way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

I watched The Butler and was glad I did. Great movie with plenty of star action and it didn't flinch from the harsh reality that was the civil rights movement. Some parts were hard to watch, even harder for the many many people who lived it.

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Extra steps to eat: Creating oases in Lawrence's 'food desert' an ongoing challenge

Thank you for the great articles, Sara. I wish you could have included the current online petition as well..

It's a "hopeful" cause, anyway. I'm surprised that there aren't more of the usual comment posters weighing in on this subject. Either way... Well Done, Sara!

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Extra steps to eat: In Lawrence, nearly 18,000 live in federally designated 'food desert'

Keep in mind that for a senior on SSI, with perhaps only a very small budget for food, medicine and necessities, six dollars a trip twice a week is $48 a month. Quite frankly, some people don't have that much wiggle room in a budget. It could mean less food in the belly.
Independence Inc was a no-fee possibility at one time, I don't know if they still do that?
Of course, they and Senior Ride are subsidized by tax dollars and Kansas has put so many cuts on human services like them that I'm not sure they are still able to offer the service as in the past. :(

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