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Murder conviction of former Lawrence carpenter Martin Miller overturned by Kansas Supreme Court

I think in this case it is the school that is a Christian school, not that Martin was a school leader who was a Christian.

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Should Kansas do away with no-fault divorces?

If a person is to read the entire bill, there is far more than just whether or not two people can divorce easily. Read what it has to say about child custody being mandated only by a jury, cutting alimony after 12 months no matter the length of time of the marriage and further interference into child support and custody that is downright frightening.

No fault divorce is the least offensive part of this entire bill and not the part we ought to be worried over.

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Fitness center near Ninth and Iowa undertaking major expansion; group working to create a local currency

I still have one of the REAL Dollar bills.. I think it's the one with Burroughs on it. My ex-partner helped in designing one or maybe more of them.

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Cleanup continues after Lawrence hit with historic snowfall; several school districts close Thursday

The smart people are staying off the streets so that they *can* get cleared. All those stuck cars are going to mean your street gets bypassed for snow removal until the plows can safely pass.
You're an Academic Librarian, I'm sure that UMKC can handle a day or two without you.

Have a cuppa tea, enjoy the snow day, chill out. It sounds like you need a day to relax a bit.

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Murder suspect's attorney: McLinn has 'mental problems'

Death penalty cases are also a huge expense for the state, and with the number of mandatory appeals that must be filed, take years and years to come to resolution.

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The alternative Oscars

That was fun!
Rush was a really good flick.
I didn't know people needed to look up Desolation.. huh. Do they not read much?

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Report: Murder suspect, 19, had knives, guns, hash, ax in victim's car

Ah, thank you for that clarification.

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What is the essential Super Bowl party snack?

L'il Smokies wrapped in crescent roll corners... aka "piggies in a blanket".

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Report: Murder suspect, 19, had knives, guns, hash, ax in victim's car

Yes, who is to say that she wasn't on the run from some other folks involved in the incident?
I had no idea hashish was back to being a popular drug in Kansas!

Another question is raised; a previous article stated the LPD has the alleged murder weapon, but this one says it was found in the car?

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Anti-abortion legislator has ultrasounds performed in her Senate committee

Showing sonograms performed at 12 and 24 weeks and making a spectacle of the miracle of life is totally ignoring the fact that most abortions are performed in the first trimester. I challenge any of those legislators to recognize and identify the parts of a fetus visible in a sonogram of that stage of pregnancy. "Waving its little hand at us"? Oh puhleaze.

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