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Lawrence residents on track to be hit with largest property tax increase in recent memory

Fair enough, I'll stand corrected, and thank you for your service.

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Eudora man charged with first-degree murder after shooting victim dies; bond set at $1 million

Neither of the above.
Veteran. Homeowner, decent man with a good job.
We are heartbroken and just as bewildered as everyone else as to what happened, and why.
I'm so very sorry for the loss of another good young man.

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Lawrence residents on track to be hit with largest property tax increase in recent memory

Mr. Eckler paid for all of the above with his service, his sacrifices, and the sacrifices of his family when he was in service and quite possibly at war. He paid for his retirement benefits, the same way anyone else did, with the years he put in.
He wrote a blank check to this country, payable with heart, body and soul.
What have YOU done for this country, Ms. Snyder?
One of those soon to be "old geezers" who didn't have children but am paying higher taxes for a home that costs us more every year for upkeep. I'd like them to show me where my home is worth so much more for taxation.
... proud product of a career military family to boot.

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After years of stagnation, county appraiser says home values are on the rise; property tax bills may follow suit; 2017 home sales off to strong start

Similar homes for sale in my neighborhood are priced at $10, 000 less than my tax appraisal.

We're one of the "over 5% increase" on an over 50 year old home that has not been significantly remodeled in 20 years.

I think we'll be appealing this one.

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John Brown's Underground denied drinking license for lack of food sales

Probably, you say. ..

That sort of bar food is to be found at Beer 30
...meaning you haven't been to the Underground and have no idea what food is offered.

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13 Lawrence restaurants owe more than $112K in back wages, U.S. labor department reports

This is an interesting read, and very enlightening about tipping and minimum wage in this country:

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What's your favorite dish that your mother made?

Her own Lancashire Hot Pot. it was a beef and veggie stew with a big thick pastry crust baked over the top.
But what I'm really going to miss are her homemade mince tarts every Christmas.

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Man found sleeping in store allegedly threatens employee with broken bottle

My guess is the Liquor Store. He broke a bottle of liquor and was charged with criminal damage to property.

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