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Man flown to hospital after accidentally shooting self in Eudora

The ignorance is thick here.
If you're going to bring up non sequiturs, at least go get some knowledge of what you insinuate.

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Downtown restaurant closes, but new concept with big outdoor area set to take its place

We were very disappointed also when it was taken out. That empty useless lot has been a sad reminder. Let's hope it will stay this time.

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New driver's license requirements causing headaches for some in Kansas

It's really a lot easier to park at the downtown Passport Office at the Main Post Office on Vermont St, than it is to park anywhere near KU at those hours. The passport office does take your photo, contrary to outdated information.

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Plans call for longtime bar to be torn down to make way for high-tech car wash

Well, shoot, I was hoping Tommy's had decided it was a better location.

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Plans call for Sixth Street restaurant building to be torn down to make way for high-tech car wash

There is actually one a block away, and a total of FIVE car washes on 6th St.
A nice car wash is always welcome, but why on a street with five others, in a crowded parking lot, and razing a serviceable building to boot?

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A look at how high Lawrence's sales tax rate would be if voters approve increase for jail, mental health

You missed the largest employer in Lawrence, the State of Kansas aka KU. Other than KU, the rest of those employers have a pitifully smaller workforce than the other towns you mentioned, and consistently lower wages than other cities. Alongside those lower wages are a high cost of living when it comes to housing.
Lawrence only has a higher quality of life if a person has anything left after paying their rent, groceries and necessities.
Take care of the mental health of your citizens, including substance abuse, and you'll solve a great deal of the jail overcrowding issue.
We are losing far too many of those "best and brightest" to mental health crises and especially suicides in this town.

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Lawrence police: Officers subdue man who tried to pull gun during frisk

Well, Jim, I was in complete agreement with you until you made your name-calling statement about "any hysterical, anti-gun leftist." C'mon, you could have made your entire case without stooping to that level.
But mainly:
Kudos to the officers who subdued the perp without the use of deadly force.

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Plans call for Sixth Street restaurant building to be torn down to make way for high-tech car wash

Agreed! The congestion in the summertime when the nursery takes up part of the parking lot and cars are lined up for the wash will be tremendous. That east entrance is already a mess at peak times.
I can't imagine yet another car wash on 6th St.

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How tall is too tall? City contemplating downtown skyline, other big issues

A 12 story development right at the main entrance from the north of downtown is going to be an eyesore in comparison to the surrounding buildings, even worse than the current New Hampshire street cuts a bulky upward swath between 2 story downtown businesses and single residential homes at the edge of East Lawrence.

You simply cannot compare a comfortable small downtown with the KC Power and Light, which is right in the middle of existing high-rise buildings. I really don't see that the nightlife area has done anything for downtown KC as far as shopping and residences. Is that what anyone really wants for Lawrence? An "exciting" large bar and concert scene, with more out of price range condos that are already complaining about the noise factor of our music scene? You can't have it both ways.

If there is to be more retail, restaurants and service workers to support a bustling downtown, there does need to be affordable housing in that same area. I applaud Ms Larsen for recognizing this, and there needs to be a way to keep from gentrifying the life out of the neighborhoods downtown and near it.

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