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Dale Willey Automotive strikes deal to expand on south Iowa Street; the case of the missing recycling carts; Sprouts update; new nonprofit launches seafood fundraiser

Low wages = high turnover = higher cost of business
Decent wages = lower turnover = lower cost of business

One thing that seems to bypass the naysayers for better wages and a higher standard is that low wages often contribute to a need for welfare in order to meet a decent standard of living.

And then they bitch about the cost of social boosts in the form of "my taxes paid for that".. for those low wages in the form of food stamps and state-funded medical coverage for the employees whose employers refuse to provide it, or keep hours per week below a standard for providing health insurance coverage and sick leave to employees. .forcing them to participate in the equally hated ACA Marketplace.

hello...you can't have it both ways, Scrooges.

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What was the first thing you did after graduating from high school or college?

Set out with a friend on a six week trip around Europe and the UK with Eurail passes and backpacks.. very little in planning except to see a few out of the way spots, visit my relatives and meet wonderful people.

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Summer roadwork expected to create traffic woes on portions of Iowa, 31st streets

I work at one end of Iowa and reside at the other, so I'll plan to go quite a bit out of my way to avoid two major construction zones. Anything that will improve Iowa in the long run is welcomed by me.
I found out years ago that I could traverse town faster by heading west to Kasold than taking Iowa, and that was without construction zones.

On the contrary, I'm still ever so grateful to have such a short commute (in both time and distance). After living in three countries, five states and driving long haul over-the-road for a living for three years, this is a cake walk!

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If you ran off to the join the circus, what would you do at the circus?

The Ringmistress !

Chances are I'd end up being the shady lady back by the mermaid tank, or a fortune-teller, though.

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Missouri man killed in motorcycle accident near Lawrence

You have heard of this thing called insurance, right? Most hospital and emergency treatment calls are paid by it, not taxes.

My condolences to the family of the deceased and wishes for a speedy recovery to the injured.

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How will you deal with construction at Sixth and Iowa streets?

It's my straight shot from work to home, and the detours are limited for N/S routes in this town, so I'll just turn up the music and the AC and wait my turn for the Rockledge bypass. I really have no other way without wasting more time and gas going over half a mile out of the way.

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Lawrence military veteran heading to D.C. on honor flight

Thank you for your service, sir, and enjoy your trip.

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UPDATE: Buffalo Bob's to close at end of month; Ladybird Diner plans to open along Mass. Street in June; city, county hosting Horizon 2020 meetings

The original "comfort food" is back again... now it's called Paleo and Locavore eating. Food that your granma made.. as the Real Food movement states, "It's not food if your great-grandma wouldn't recognize it." Or rather.. someone's great grandma.. in any country. I just hope they don't chi-chi up the diner idea so much that it prices people out of a good diner meal. I'm a little tired of each new eaterie trying to out-fancy the next. Although... along that pie idea, a simple yet delicious breakfast or lunch quiche sure sounds nice!

Real food is made by people you know, not mass-produced and flash-frozen cardboard held together by scary chemistry and trucked to a restaurant once a week in boxes. This sounds delicious!

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