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The best doctors in Lawrence- their office is clean, organized, and the waits have always been very reasonable. Dr. Cordova is my son's pediatrician, and she's absolutely wonderful and has great bedside manner. She always makes time to come in to see us- even if we're there for the walk in clinic.

We came to Family Medicine Associates from another practice here in Lawrence, and there's no way we'll go back!

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With the combined availability of Prudential financial services and Liberty Mutual Insurance, Kermit covered everything I needed for less money and gave my entire portfolio a look through. I'd recommend him to anyone who could use a hand building their savings.

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Have you ever traveled outside the United States?

CANADA! Whoohoo! Went to Niagra, and found out all I needed to see the Canadian falls was a birth certificate! So I'm basically an international jet-setter now.

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How much debt did you have when you left college?

50K in debt. No help from mom & dad, (or anyone else). My son was born my sophomore year, and the cheapest rent available was $400/ month + utilities. I've worked 30 hours a week since he was 3 months old, and at one point commuted to Topeka for a job while going to school full time because guess what? You literally CANNOT get a decent job (aka with those silly entitlements like health insurance or a 401k) without some kind of degree.

My reward for working so hard? 6% (and rising) interest rates on top of $500/ month loan payments. Awesome.

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City votes in favor of banning camping trailers, large vehicles from spots near South Park

I'm just... I'm just so proud of our city! Such.. an.. effective group of folks!

(Sorry, I got a little choked up there!)

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City commission to consider ban on RV parking near South Park

That van+box is the definition of a "rapey" looking vehicle.

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City commission to consider ban on RV parking near South Park

Thank you! I agree you!
I have nothing against poverty- it's real and something I'm quite familiar with but there's no defense for those RVs. They CAN go elsewhere, and hopefully, they will!

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Lawrence police report 14 arrests after KU loss to Kentucky

It's a college town. This is no worse than an average Saturday night, relax.

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