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Neb. man made bong to mellow cat


Too much time on our hands.

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Rescinding abortion rule misguided

Here's a sample question employers can use before hiring:

1. Do you at any point, for any reason based in your personal beliefs or preferences, plan to refuse to do your job as it has been set forth in the terms of your employment?

That should settle it, right?

And then we can clear the rest up by denying any federal funds to practitioners who would still refuse service on the basis of religious beliefs. Don't like abortions? Pick a career that doesn't involve vaginas.

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Slain teen’s parents urge students to be aware

I don't remember all the details of the Kelsey Smith case, but I do know that encouraging kids to be aware and be prepared is never a bad thing - even if the likelihood that anything will ever happen to them is miniscule.

Little tips - "Don't go upstairs." "Don't drink the punch." "Don't share a cab with strangers." - could all save a life some day.

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In reversal, U.S. House makes it all but certain the digital TV transition will be in June

NPR talked about the cost of further delay yesterday:http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=100162938But personally and selfishly I'm glad for it. I've decided I can't/won't pay $50 a month for cable. When I applied for a converter box coupon in December, I was put on the waiting list. The site says I shouldn't expect my coupon, if I ever get one, before April.

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Loku: New Form Of Poetry With Lawrence Roots Sweeps Literary World

Can you use an initial? Such as:M. Phelps, cough.

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Loku: New Form Of Poetry With Lawrence Roots Sweeps Literary World

Tell lies, fakeBad words, bootOne time, nowSnow falls, crunchSun shines, glee

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Flag concern

Cappy got it. Minus the broad generalization part, of course, but still got it.

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Couple who led gay marriage fight divorcing

Bangaranggerg:If insulting me is the best you've got, so be it. You think you sound clever? Think again. If you're capable. Can you dispute the fact that these women fought for an equal right and then exercised that right? Let me remind you: calling me stupid isn't a rebuttal. And you can call me stupid from here to kingdom come, but that doesn't change the fact that you're the one being willfully ignorant and immature. I'm not angry that you're calling me stupid without being capable of refuting what I've said. I just feel sorry for you now because you won't stop and you can't come up with anything better.

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Couple who led gay marriage fight divorcing

Well bang, you cast your troll net by calling me a troll and pointing out "thick irony" where there is none. So you are a troll.You give a very good explanation of irony, yet you fail to notice you counter your own suggestion that this story is ironic by saying "now throw in a role reversal and you have irony." There's been no role reversal here. These women fought for equal rights and then exercised those rights. And no, we're not even. I was being sarcastic when I said we were. You understand name calling, I thought you'd understand sarcasm as well. I'd have a long way to go to get down to your level.

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