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Letter: Fee concern

What this letter writer failed to include was this explanation from the Humane Society website. Giving the letter writer the benefit of the doubt, perhaps they just added it. But, one phone call to the Humane Society could have answered the question before a letter was written:

From the Humane Society Website:
*A VIP (Very Important Pet) Adoption is an animal in high demand because of its size, breed, or age. We have a higher adoption fee for these animals because they have the unique opportunity to raise funds to offset veterinary expenses for injured or ill animals or help us provide care for older animals who are likely to wait longer for a new home.

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School board to consider legal settlement

Of course the insurance company recommends settlement at $30k. That leaves them on the hook for only $5,000 ($30,000 - $25,000 deductible). If it goes to trial, they could end up paying a lot more than that. The district, however, pays $25,000 regardless if it's a $30k settlement or a $200k judgment. So, school district might as well roll the dice on a trial.

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DUI charge filed in accident in which KU student lost his legs; driver had a previous DUI

ob·serve /əbˈzərv/ Verb: Notice or perceive (something) and register it as being significant.

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Man charged with animal cruelty was a Wellsville police officer

Hmmm, I seem to remember reading a story about a certain turkey and a bunch of frat boys. Are they all police officers too? After all, that's the only reason the story would be in here....right?!

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Plan to raze McCollum Hall in the works

To be superior you have to be able to spell "superior," along with other pesky words, such as "because."

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KU-Mizzou match-up in NCAA tournament wouldn’t shock Self

Even if KU and MU were placed in the same bracket, it's unlikely that they'd ever meet. After all, that would require Missouri making it past the first round. ;-)

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Letter to the editor: The real issues

Make up your mind, Carmen. You say: "This morning I eagerly looked at the Lawrence Journal-World to see what their perspective was on the debate."

You wanted THEIR (JWs) perspective and you got it. Now you're complaining that THEIR perspective doesn't align with yours.

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Classifieds section omitted from Saturday's paper, will be included in Sunday's edition

Doesn't anyone at the JW spot-check copies during production? No quality control process in place?

I'd be willing to give the JW a pass on this if I didn't have to call for a replacement paper every time it rains because a covered porch 30 feet from the road is considered an upgrade in service and double bagging apparently is too. If porch delivery is $5 extra....could I get double bagging on rain days for say....$1.50 extra?

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State panel wants more information before ruling on Obama’s ballot eligibility

"I guess if Kansas tries hard enough they can make themselves the laughing stock of America."

The right wingnuts already have made Kansas a laughing stock.

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