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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

At least you won't lose LJ World and they won't lose you....

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

You already do. It's called employer-based health insurance and has been the American way of doing things for the past 70 years or so. Congressional representatives are federal employees...they work for us...we're just too stupid as a nation to fire their sorry butts.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

KU has NUMEROUS liberal loons amongst the faculty. And as a two-time graduate of KU, I'm proud of all of them.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

Dang, I clicked the thumbs up button 100 times, but only registers once. ;-) Still, bravo on your post and link, my friend, BRAVO!

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Opinion: Attacks on nominee not warranted

It is precisely because the governor has chosen to politicize the selection process that judges should now be scrutinized for their political leanings. The governor replaced a more neutral system not because it was producing nominees that lacked the temperament or impartiality to judge, but rather because he wasn't getting the "right" kind of judges, i.e., judges that share his political beliefs. So, the purpose of the new system is specifically to politicize the process. Why then should a nominee's politics be out of bounds?

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Stegall urged 'forcible resistance' to Schiavo court ruling that removed life support

"Stegall said he passed out his business card with a Perry, Kansas, address and "one of the big city lawyers turned to his colleague and said with more shock than condescension in his voice, 'Where the heck is Perry, Kansas?' Only he used more colorful language."

A hee-larious anecdote, my friend, Caleb. Them big city-slicker lawyers in their fancy suits and Eye-talian leather shoes don't know where Perry, Kansas, is. Ain't that just typical!

Tell me Caleb, can ya' tell me where Plainfield, NY is? It has roughly the same population as Perry, KS. How many of us down to Earth good ol' folk in Kansas know "Where the heck Plainfield, New York is?"

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Your turn: Judge selection reflects totalitarianism

Yes, Solon, you're right. I should have done my homework rather than relying on my memory of a previous article.

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Your turn: Judge selection reflects totalitarianism

I'm no fan of Brownback and his minions worshiping at the alter of Koch. And, I'm don't know whether the old system of choosing judges is better than the new one. I only offer an observation. Kansas was the only state selecting judges that way. When you're the only one doing something, you're an innovator. But, innovation can be good or bad. If what you're doing is a great idea, others quickly follow. Yet, no other state followed after decades of Kansas using that system. Why?

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Letter: Fireworks menace

So, let me get this straight. You want the city and law enforcement to do something about the illegal fireworks, but you admit you didn't bother to call the Police to report the illegal use of fireworks in your neighborhood. Classic.

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Kansas Supreme Court orders disbarment of Lawrence attorney for 'squandering' $2.6 million

The KU B-Ball scammers were all great people too and are being unduly persecuted....if you talk to their family and friends.

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