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Iowa Western C.C. O-Lineman Mike Smithburg picks KU football

Sure would like to see more quality recruits out of high school. Juco recruits are ok for the short term (2 years), but you are forced to double your recruiting efforts with an imbalance of two-year players. Several of the juco players are excited about helping to build KU's football program. Hopefully, their focus will be on their abilities to play AND pull from their network of players currently in high school.

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Players welcome Charlie Weis’ idea of discipline

Unfortunately, after one player complains about the coach being "too hard" on them, Weiss will follow Mangino with the same fate.

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This time, Kansas not punch line

Time to drop football. If we can't be competitive (how many examples would you like?...they are everywhere!), why go through the motions!

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Easy Pickens: Jayhawks set more records for futility in 70-28 loss to Oklahoma State

KU dropped wrestling as a competitive sport when I was an undergraduate at KU....because it could not compete. For that same reason, it is time to give up football.

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Big 12 men’s basketball roundup: K-State rolls; Mizzou falls

I watched the MU - OSU game last night on ESPN. So far, this season, I thought the Jayhawks have been especially bad at the free throw line (and they are really bad!). OSU and MU were not good from the line either, though their numbers were in the high 60% level (better than the Jayhawks)...they both seemed equally bad, especially with the game on the line at the end. As a KU alumnus, I was pulling for OSU. Have to admit though, the refs were favoring the Cowboys with their whistles. The Cowboys had 43 free throws, according to the box score, not counting the shots they could have had if they had hit the first shot of those stressful one and ones. Must be a Big 12 thing (not making free throws). Is the line further back in the Big 12? Do Big 12 teams only practice the crowd pleasing dunks in practice while rationalizing away the importance of free throws? Maybe we should call them something else in the Big 12, like "attempts from behind the line" (sounds much more difficult than "free throws").

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5 names to keep in mind for KU football recruiting class

You would think that with all the sports writing Tom Keegan does, he would at least be able to spell Lubbock, Texas correctly. Lubbock has 2 "Bs", Tom, not one. My freshman English teacher at KU probably would have flunked me on this write-up for that error, especially in a day where we have spell check!

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Selby sits and other Kansas basketball notes

Josh has a long way to go in order to be considered NBA material. If the kind of competition he is facing now, versus his high school competition, causes him to turn the ball over the way he has been, you can just about multiply his turnovers by 2 or 3 in the NBA. It will be interesting to see how he develops when he achieves that kind of anti-turnover discipline.

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Freshman Selby has fairy-tale beginning

With KU favored to win this game by 20 points, you have to ask why the actual differential was only 2? Was it "chemistry"? After all, Selby is new to the mix. Was it the referees? Though USC could have pitched at tent in the 3 second zone violation area, the calls seem to have been fairly well distributed on both sides. Or (my belief) was it the same old "hold on" approach we have seen for years in the second half when playing mediocre teams? That means....Jayhawks gain a reasonable lead and begin playing "hold on to the lead" rather than going for the kill. Yes, it is tough going for the kill when you are averaging less than 60% from the charity stripe, but still! Not a lot of "playing smart" near the end of games ...a mantra of so many Jayhawk losses over the years. I keep thinking the coach will make corrections to this "disease", but so far, no progress has been noted.

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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel might not play in Rams game Sunday

"0-10" with Croyle starting...and the Chiefs hope by starting him in the 11th game, things will change. Obviously, they don't teach history classes in the NFL. With a loss to the Rams (which now seems very likely), the Chiefs might as well "kiss this season goodbye". It is their own fault for not having a respectable "plan B" as a quarterback.

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Jeff Francoeur joins Royals; Cliff Lee, Phillies reach agreement

Once again, the Royals (Glass and Moore) sign another player experiencing a doomspiral in his career. Francoeur, at least, has an occasional string of good hitting, followed by even longer spells of sub-.200 hitting. Cabrera is a plain and simple jaw-dropping horrible acquisition. I contend that whoever is reading this sentence right now is more suited to signing MLB players than Moore of the Royals. I feel sorry for anyone who shells out real money to attend Royals' games next season.

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