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Notebook: KU moves up in polls; Bob Huggins disappointed in lack of 'hoopla' for game

Anyone know why they are called "free throws"? If we were to pay the refs a small fee, making them no longer "free", do you think we would improve on this ridiculous 53% success rate? We won't go very far in the tournament unless this changes!

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Opinion: KU not perfect but still deserving of No. 1 spot

Lately, being #1 is a curse. Logically, KU was successful in doing something where MU failed; that would be beating Ohio State in Columbus. That factoid in itself should be enough to edge MU out of #1, at least for now.

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Opinion: It's time to embrace this team's ugly way of winning

So the Jayhawks were in a "shooting slump". I was in a different kind of slump near the end of the game. Quite frankly, I simply cannot afford the alcohol it is taking to get me to the end of these games! Is it possible to have a "run-away" game every once in a while? A "romp" at KSU would be nice. If I was given the opportunity to choose only one game that the Jayhawks would win all year, regardless of who was on the schedule, it would be beating Texas in Austin. But why so close?????

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Bill Self recalls last Richmond game

Yes, I remember. This is for personal reasons (i.e., anti-University of Texas and anti-Richmond); too serious to post the reasons.

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Bill Self recalls last Richmond game

My 3 favorite teams, since 1995, are KU, whoever is playing the University of Texas and whoever is playing the Richmond Spiders. Here is another perfect matching. Pulling for a route!

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Iowa Western C.C. O-Lineman Mike Smithburg picks KU football

Sure would like to see more quality recruits out of high school. Juco recruits are ok for the short term (2 years), but you are forced to double your recruiting efforts with an imbalance of two-year players. Several of the juco players are excited about helping to build KU's football program. Hopefully, their focus will be on their abilities to play AND pull from their network of players currently in high school.

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Players welcome Charlie Weis’ idea of discipline

Unfortunately, after one player complains about the coach being "too hard" on them, Weiss will follow Mangino with the same fate.

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This time, Kansas not punch line

Time to drop football. If we can't be competitive (how many examples would you like?...they are everywhere!), why go through the motions!

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Easy Pickens: Jayhawks set more records for futility in 70-28 loss to Oklahoma State

KU dropped wrestling as a competitive sport when I was an undergraduate at KU....because it could not compete. For that same reason, it is time to give up football.

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Big 12 men’s basketball roundup: K-State rolls; Mizzou falls

I watched the MU - OSU game last night on ESPN. So far, this season, I thought the Jayhawks have been especially bad at the free throw line (and they are really bad!). OSU and MU were not good from the line either, though their numbers were in the high 60% level (better than the Jayhawks)...they both seemed equally bad, especially with the game on the line at the end. As a KU alumnus, I was pulling for OSU. Have to admit though, the refs were favoring the Cowboys with their whistles. The Cowboys had 43 free throws, according to the box score, not counting the shots they could have had if they had hit the first shot of those stressful one and ones. Must be a Big 12 thing (not making free throws). Is the line further back in the Big 12? Do Big 12 teams only practice the crowd pleasing dunks in practice while rationalizing away the importance of free throws? Maybe we should call them something else in the Big 12, like "attempts from behind the line" (sounds much more difficult than "free throws").

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