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Gameday Breakdown: KU basketball vs. West Virginia

Is coach setting up (or down) our expectations for the game by calling out Frank Mason's questionable health? Will that be the "excuse" if we lose?

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Tom Keegan: Self hits the perfect notes in halftime message

Coach Self's pre game talk should be scrapped in favor of his halftime talk in all future games. This falling behind by half time is getting old. There will be games this year where that half time margin KU trails by will be too large to overcome....the post game interviews will be filled with "if only we could have...". Time to learn how to jump way ahead in the first half and relentlessly add to it in the second half.

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KU's Perry Ellis named to preseason all-Big 12 team; Cheick Diallo freshman of year

Diallo has not been cleared yet. If the NCAA committee in charge of clearing pending players, he won't be cleared until 2025, based on their historical rate of clearing players.

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Diallo, Bragg go 1-2 in hype

I never have understood why it would take more than a couple of weeks to clear a kid matriculating from HS to college to play in the NCAA. Is the NCAA so short of staff, lacking in computers with an internet connection or lacking in a telephone that Diallo has not been cleared yet? This is very unfair to the kid, his family and his school. Maybe this is the NCAA's way of getting attention on itself. Doesn't work, in a positive way, for me!

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Cliff Alexander to leave KU after one season, enter NBA draft

Looking forward to see which NBA agent steps out of the darkness to claim Alexander as his or her client. That person should be fined heavily by the NBA for tampering AND face a ban of 10 years or so. At best, he will end up on the far side of an NBA bench. Realistically, he may last a few months in the D-League and / or a few more months playing in Europe. He will not be a KU alumnus I will be following like Pierce, Chalmers, Hinrich or even Wiggins and MacLemore.

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KU freshman Joel Embiid headed to NBA Draft

I was hoping he would stay longer...not just because i am a KU fan. I have been a Heat fan ever since Rio joined the team; his 4 years in college helped that allegiance quite a bit. Now that Greg Oden is a Heat, I am very familiar with his struggles establishing himself in the NBA as a top pick way back when. Above all, I was hoping Embiid would stay longer just to prove he is not "damaged goods". If I can see the comparison between Embiid and Oden, an NBA exec would have thought of this even sooner. Will he suit up, let alone play, 82 games next year, or will he be all dressed up in a suit and tie sitting on someone's bench for most of those games? Tough to predict. Bottom line, I do wish him all the best.

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Embiid's dad says son's injury 'not serious,' expects him to play at some point in NCAAs

I expect to see Joel back in a Jayhawk uniform again next year, if for no other reason than to prove to the NBA that he is not damaged goods and can withstand 82 games in an NBA season. I would hate to see him jump to the NBA to only become "Oden part II".

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Offensively challenged Jayhawks suffer rare home loss, 61-57 to San Diego State

No doubt at all now....after watching the Aztecs take down the Jayhawks at Rupp Arena...if there are current Jayhawks lucky enough to be drafted by an NBA club next year, they will see plenty of bench time. This is truly the most overhyped Jayhawk team I have ever witnessed. Next year, forget about the "toughest schedule" in the NCAA and bring on that parade of "cupcakes". Better to "under hype" than over hype.

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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

I fear he will follow the path of Josh Selby and Xavier Henry. Their careers went flat with a downward spiral from the beginning. Another year or two at KU would have helped their NBA fortunes.

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Opinion: Jeff Withey, Trey Burke keys tonight

I believe the game will be decided by turnovers. The fact that Michigan leads the nation in the fewest turnovers per game scares me! The ESPN talking heads point to KU's turnovers when underlining their points about KU being vulnerable. KU cannot continue to turn the ball over in 20% of their possessions (1 out of 5) and expect to win in the NCAA tournament. With 4 seniors in the starting lineup, it would be logical to expect very few turnovers; hasn't been that way this year though.

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