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Mounting Miscues: KU offense shutout in road loss to Iowa State

Does anyone out there know Mark Mangino's telephone number? It is time.

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‘What Were You Wearing?’ exhibit at KU takes aim at sexual assault myth

Women's clothing in this picture is at one extreme (i.e., next to nothing). Why not hang up the other extreme just to get a reaction (i.e., full Burka covering the entire body)?

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Mark Mangino: 'Hard-working, grinding' approach to thank for Orange Bowl legacy

That "hard working-grinding" approach used by Mr. Mangino cost him his job. KU football players apparently prefer a "laid back-cupcake" approach, which was quickly put in play once Mangino left. Hard to be a fan when that kind of culture is prevalent.

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Playing smarter, longer keys for Azubuike entering sophomore season

I know he loves to dunk the basketball; I get it. However, his dunks are "hard" dunks. Any one of those risks a wrist injury. My question is....how many weeks of practice and games will we see him play before he has to sit out with a sprained or broken wrist? There is not a wrist band that has been invented yet that would prevent this from happening.

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Kansas Athletics, KU student government reach agreement for seating tweak at Allen Fieldhouse

Attending football and basketball games was simple back in my day. Member of the Marching band and Pep Band. No complications. No fine print to read. No charge. I was expected to be there and was. Never missed a game and, win or lose, had lots of fun!!

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Former Missouri chancellor blames Bill Self for lack of Border War

For five years since Mizzou left the Big 12, they knew they had no chance of having a reasonably close game with our basketball Jayhawks, Now that they have the #1 recruit joining their program this year, the Tigers now think they have a chance...making it seem they really want to play the Jayhawks now. Hopefully, we will meet them in the NCAAs this year and whip them by 20 to 30 points. Then they will climb back into their hole.

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Gameday Breakdown: KU basketball vs. West Virginia

Is coach setting up (or down) our expectations for the game by calling out Frank Mason's questionable health? Will that be the "excuse" if we lose?

February 13, 2017 at 9 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Tom Keegan: Self hits the perfect notes in halftime message

Coach Self's pre game talk should be scrapped in favor of his halftime talk in all future games. This falling behind by half time is getting old. There will be games this year where that half time margin KU trails by will be too large to overcome....the post game interviews will be filled with "if only we could have...". Time to learn how to jump way ahead in the first half and relentlessly add to it in the second half.

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KU's Perry Ellis named to preseason all-Big 12 team; Cheick Diallo freshman of year

Diallo has not been cleared yet. If the NCAA committee in charge of clearing pending players, he won't be cleared until 2025, based on their historical rate of clearing players.

October 8, 2015 at 2:08 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Diallo, Bragg go 1-2 in hype

I never have understood why it would take more than a couple of weeks to clear a kid matriculating from HS to college to play in the NCAA. Is the NCAA so short of staff, lacking in computers with an internet connection or lacking in a telephone that Diallo has not been cleared yet? This is very unfair to the kid, his family and his school. Maybe this is the NCAA's way of getting attention on itself. Doesn't work, in a positive way, for me!

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