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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: J.R. Giddens on leaving KU

He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. He was a kid like the Morris twins who were shooting BBs out the dorm windows. Like all the other players who have come to Kansas and gotten into trouble such as Tyshawn, Brady, CJ and Mario. So glad J.R made it regardless of his days at Kansas

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Feel bad for LeBron? No thanks

I wish people would stop hating on LeBron. He is a man with vision and goals for himself like everyone else. His goals just happen to publicized.

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Josh Selby bids KU adieu

Much to do about nothing

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Water leaked into gasoline tanks at a BP

sounds like a class action to me

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

dido on what he said. Thomas where art thou

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Recurring Morris twins trouble especially disturbing

You said it TopJayhawk I still want my money back from last year in Oklahoma.

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A rising star: Brady Morningstar stellar against Huskers

Brady is not a rising star. He has always been a star stuck in the background. KU has an all star team and thay is wy they will be the team to beat this year.

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