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‘Outer Loop’ highway remains on planning table

I fully agree with Commissioner Gaughan. Ridiculous that this 'outer loop' project would remain on the list. All the hard work to evaluate all the projects through a vetted process is for naught.

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Sustainability support

I commend the LWV for submitting this letter. Opponents of planning and sustainability (which is what AFP's opposition to Agenda 21 is really all about) are gaining larger voices via extremist conservative groups, and supporters need to continue to have an equally loud voice. Representatives of the AFP are most certainly NOT experts on planning or sustainability or Agenda 21.

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House resolution criticizes United Nations Agenda 21

Please note that Agenda 21 is NON-BINDING and has been around for 20 years without ill effects...

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House resolution criticizes United Nations Agenda 21

A similar resolution just died last week in the KS House Energy and Utilities Committee, so they are just moving it to another committee to see if they can get it through. It's a complete misrepresentation of Agenda 21 and urban planning - An embarrasment that this resolution is even being considered in our state.

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Environmental Chapter of Horizon 2020 approved by City Commission on 3-2 vote

Wow - you're so uninformed about ICLEI. I think YOU should do some research, sir or ma'm.


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City commissioners expected to debate proposal to allow stricter environmental regulations

Chad - I was pointing out that the CC is not debating 'stricter environmental regulations' right now, as they are looking at a comp. plan amendment. The comp. plan is policy (not law), while the city's Land Development Code includes the regulations... The comp. plan sets the stage for changes to the LDC, so in a round about way you're right (if the city decides to pursue LDC changes after the amendment passes), but I just wanted to clarify. Thanks.

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City commissioners expected to debate proposal to allow stricter environmental regulations

chad - your article title is inaccurate. the comp. plan is a policy guide, not law. way to get people riled up over something we should've had in place years ago and that will greatly benefit the health AND economic viability of our community (think of your favorite cities and towns - i bet they all have nice natural areas, parks and such).

to naysayers, take a look at some of the policies in nearby communities. stream setbacks and some of the other ordinances that MAY follow adoption of the comp. plan amendment are currently in place in communities such as Lenexa, KCMO, Overland Park, Platte County, etc... believe me - lawrence is just as, if not more so, developer-friendly than any of our neighboring communities and will continue to be w/ the comp. plan amendment in place.

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City Commission denies razing request for Connecticut St. house

The property you are referring to on Penn is already demolished.
There are, however, others in EL that merit consideration.

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Town Talk: Caterer worries about unfair competition from City Hall; Masonic Temple building under consideration; Santa Fe Depot update

I agree that Lawrence needs more reception venues at all price points - AND have character. We really don't have a full range of options for a town of our size. We considered Maceli's when looking at venue locations, but it ultimately came down to the lack of character of the place. Carnegie has character. I really don't think the same folks that would pick Carnegie would pick Maceli's. And what precludes someone from having Maceli's cater a Carnegie event? Lastly, I don't apreciate Maceli's speaking on behalf of folks like me, stating that we don't want to pay for the spaces already available. As I stated above, I just didn't like his space...

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Election message

helllooooo..... all the elections results mean is that people are unhappy about something, not that they demand conservative leadership. i'm one of the many 'american people' that conservatives think voted for them (i did not). republicans are to blame for where we are today because they haven't given the president a chance to do his job. LAWRENCE voters are awesome - We are in step with some of the best cities in this country!

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