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Fossil hunter attempting another go at getting state fossil named

Just find a way to show that having a Mosasaur as a state fossil will benefit the wealthy, especially at the expense of the poor, undermine education, or violate the Constitution of the United States and Kansas will have a new state fossil in the blink of an eye.

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Brownback administration drops federal grant program to help people apply for food stamps

"'DCF believes that encouraging people to sign up for welfare benefits is not consistent with our position that welfare should be used temporarily and serve as a bridge to employment and self-sufficiency,' Freed said."

"Approximately half of those recipients are children."

OK, so Freed believes that children should be employed and self-sufficient. Why not? Child labor is common in the third world, and this is Kansas after all.

And Catholic Social Service will just have to wise up. What did they think Sam was, a Christian?

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School finance case to have political consequences, experts say

The concern of the legal system is justice. The concern of Brownback and the majority of the Kansas Legislature is elimination of state taxes – so far for the wealthy only.

Justice and the Brownback agenda clearly don't coincide, so the legal system will have to be taken out of the picture. This is standard third-world practice. A legal system that protects the rights of those without power and influence is an American ideal and is simply not consistent with the Brownback vision for Kansas – and you'd get more justice (and wisdom) from a potato than from the Kansas Legislature.

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Brownback administration won't treat same-sex married couples the same for tax purposes

Kansas isn't a place where laws of the United States should apply. Too many Kansans don't like the United States or all that equality stuff. If you recognize gay and lesbian marriages for tax purposes pretty soon you'll have justice breaking out, and Kansas as we know it might be a thing of the past. No, Sam's definitely right. Kansas shouldn't be a part of the United States.

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Kansas Supreme Court reverses issuance of permit to build coal-fired power plant in southwest Kansas

"Gov. Sam Brownback, a Republican, blasted the ruling, saying the court had joined 'President Obama's war on American energy.'"

"War" seems a wee bit of an exaggeration, but we'll take your word on that Sam. After all, you should know a war when you see it, being a veteran of wars on the poor, the middle class, education, the environment, the mentally ill, justice....

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

When Republican State Representative Virgil Peck advocated, on the floor of the Kansas House, the use of automatic weapons and helicopters to murder immigrants State Sen. Greg Smith, R-Overland said that Peck's speech was inexcusable because it "urges people to use guns to perpetrate violence on other people and their children.'"

Wait, no he didn't.

Smith must have said that when Republican Speaker of the House Mike O'Neal sent an email about Obama, including the first part of a biblical quote that ends "may his children be orphans and his wife a widow."

Wait, no, Smith didn't say it then either.

What's the pattern here?

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Report questions the effectiveness of tax incentives given by states to lure businesses

Wow! Read the article. The report doesn't say that tax incentives are effective for luring businesses and it doesn't say that they aren't. According to the article, the report says: "state leaders often aren't familiar with the costs of tax incentives, and that solid evaluation of the programs is lacking."

Did the knee-jerk reactors above read to the end of the article and see that the group that issued this report, CSG, was chaired last year by State Sen. Jay Scott Emler, R-Lindsborg?

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Employment law still catching up to social media

Guth's problem is that he isn't a state legislator acting in his official capacity. If he were, then he would be free to talk about using automatic rifles to kill immigrants from helicopters (Virgil Peck) or send emails about the President of the United States with the beginnings of biblical curses that end "May his children be orphans and his wife a widow" (Mike O'Neal).

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Regents' goal of boosting educational attainment of Kansans will be difficult to achieve

"One of the regents' major goals is to increase to 60 percent the number of Kansas adults who have a certificate, credential, associate's degree or bachelor's degree by 2020."

Sorry. 2020 is in the future, and no one in the governor's mansion and few in the legislature care about that.

"Dennis Jones, president of NCHEMS, said most of Kansas' population growth is from minorities, and the gap between the educational attainment of minorities and whites is large."

Again, sorry. You won't get anywhere by bringing up this issue. When this legislature debates problems involving minorities their answer is to cut funding, or, a la Virgil Peck, joke about automatic weapons, helicopters, and genocide.

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Charter school movement flounders in Kansas

"...they're still run and managed by the school district that has not done the greatest in running their own schools,” said Kara Kerwin, spokeswoman for the Center for Education Reform in Washington, D.C."

One would hope that a spokeswoman for a group claiming to be concerned about education would know that pronouns and their antecedents should agree in number.

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