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Debate brewing over possible closure of Kasold intersection; downtown BBQ restaurant set to reopen

"Henry said he thinks the closing of the Kasold intersection will cause some residents who live southwest of the city to begin taking the road that goes across the Clinton Lake Dam to access west Lawrence. He said the dam road isn’t built to handle that type of traffic. "

And the Kasold cutoff is?

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A Thousand Voices: Readers unsure about city's economic development incentives policies

This just in: LJW readers figure out that the quickest way to get past the surveys is to answer 'not sure' and 'no opinion'

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

Oh shut up! Brannen has lost playing time before for 'irresponsible behavior' so why no assume it again? I don't know what constitutes a 'whisper campaign' but there were plenty of harsh words spoken about Connor for quitting. Connor surprised everyone by quitting the team and gave the reason as playing time...but you can blame it on him being white.

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Sedgwick County commissioner shuns bilingual Spanish TV reporter

OMG he actually said "this, that and the other"


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A Thousand Voices: New poll shows uncertainty about East Ninth Project, Free State Festival

These polls are useless. I hurry through them to get to the article I want to read. I wouldn't trust the results. I can also tell you that I routinely lie about the products and companies I've had experience with when you ask those questions.

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Eastern Lawrence building seeks to redevelop as medical office center; figuring out the latest downtown bicycle parking plan

a 20 second google search found this for you:

It's amazing how someone who posts as often as you do is so incapable of using a computer

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LOOK: Painter 'chases the light' to capture Lawrence homes

I think you should find something better to do than continually troll the LJW comments section.

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SLT interchange at Bob Billings Parkway will be delayed and cost $2.1 million more because of sinking roadway

"The South Lawrence Trafficway interchange at Bob Billings Parkway will require a few weeks longer — and $2.1 million more — than planned because portions of the constructed roads sunk."

Should it be 'sank'?

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Alleged attempted abduction on Ohio Street; woman beaten, left to bleed on sidewalk of Massachusetts Street

Exactly. The unconscious woman had no chance to say no to her 'benefactors'.

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