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Lawrence group expects to oppose sales tax proposal for police headquarters

"About 10 people attended an organizational meeting at the Lawrence Public Library on Tuesday evening, but Brown said another dozen people had already signed up to volunteer for the group, but weren’t able to attend the meeting. "

welcome to social media organizing

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'Embarrassing' road trip

“We didn't expect to lose,” senior cornerback JaCorey Shepherd said. “And we especially didn't expect to lose the way we did. We're a better team than we showed out there.”

No, I don't think you are.

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Lawrence hosts public meetings, tours in support of police headquarters sales tax

where was it claimed that this would reduce crime?

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KU campus rape allegation under review by district attorney

What a misogynistic, patronizing comment. "Because Robin Williams said so". Apparently it's OK for men to get drunk but not women? Maybe men should learn what "no" means.

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What is your favorite memory of this summer?

The wonderfully mild July

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3-year-old boy dead after accidental shooting

They need to stop calling these 'accidental' shootings. It's negligence, not an accident.

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What is your biggest concern about crime in Lawrence?

Getting caught

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Kansas teen killed after fall on Colorado mountain

Longs Peak is an incredible hike. The ledges are pretty intense and I can't see why anyone would try to climb up from there. It's an area where you really have to think about where you are going to step next.

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

There are quite a few buses that don't go downtown. Try to wrap your mind around it!

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City wants feedback on proposed changes to transit system

There will still be ways to get downtown. They are not ending downtown service. Not every bus or transfer will have to occur at a hub: just like it is now. It will be fine.

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