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Letter to the editor: 3 lanes better

Your argument still doesn't hold up. During the construction at Kasold and Bob Billings, the lights were modified to allow only one direction of traffic to flow at a time: this would cause traffic in the stopped lanes to build up due to longer waits at the light.

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Where to check out Fourth of July fireworks displays in Douglas County

It's very brave of you to come out as trans-gender! Hopefully times are changing and you'll feel freer and freer to express your feminine side. Good for you!

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Muhammad Ali, who riveted the world as 'The Greatest,' dies

Wait, wait, wait.... you hate him for participating in "violence" but also because he avoided going to war?
You know, I don't enjoy boxing but I do know that Muhammad Ali was one of the most influential people on this planet in my lifetime. I'm saddened by his death. I remember having tears in my eyes when I watched him appear at the end of the 1996 Olympic opening ceremony. What a great human being. He was and is one of the few people ever to be recognized by nearly everyone on the planet. He was the GREATEST!

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She, he or they? New KU staff nametags will volunteer preferred gender pronouns

When Bob posts these types of things, does it think it's funny?

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Accidental shooting at high school graduation ceremony in southern Kansas injures 2 people

It's a good thing that patriot brought a gun to the ceremony so he could protect everyone from someone shooting a gun at the ceremony.

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Who's your favorite sports media personality?

Charles Barkley

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Lawrence City Commission will be asked to support funding for proposed $20 million transit hub on KU campus

It's a hub. A central location where passengers can safely transfer buses to get to their destinations whether shopping or work. There is no need to have a hub in a busy shopping area. There will still be buses going downtown and to the shopping areas in town just like they do today. I would guess that most people using the current bus hub downtown are transferring buses and not going downtown to shop. It would be BETTER to not have a hub in a congested shopping area.

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Kansas Senate spat sees Hensley say to Francisco: ‘I’m done with you’

Is this where the republicans have set the bar? "You're still alive and the sun will come up tomorrow"?? It's the quality of life and the quality of our children's lives that are going to be destroyed. Many of us Kansans remember when our schools were considered some of the best in the nation and our roads where well taken care of. All of this is at risk due to republican ignorance, greed and negligence.

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