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Letter: A good start

Meanwhile, Mr Holroyd held a meeting of the local Cranks and Complainers at a nearby cafe. The high point of the evening, after complaining how everything is somebody's fault, was leaving without tipping the waitress.

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Soul food restaurant opens in eastern Lawrence; don't let signs of redevelopment worry you at The Bottleneck; more than $200K of traffic calming considered for 27th Street

I believe they are talking about traffic circles, not roundabouts. The small obstacles would be difficult for large vehicles (including the 40 foot city bus which turns at 27th and Ridge court). They would be similar to the device at 17th and New Hampshire.

May 8, 2015 at 10:07 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Two charged with human trafficking in alleged prostitution at Lawrence massage parlor

No, prostitution is still prostitution. Human Trafficking is using force or threats to transfer or harbor someone and force them to do certain things such as sexual acts. It's really not all that funny.

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Lawrence city commissioners hear concerns about equipment, roads, transit as they prepare for 2016 budget

I agree. I was surprised watching the candidate forums at how uninformed many of them were (particularly Herbert) about the bus system.

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City approves high-speed broadband policy, but Eudora likely to get service before Lawrence

So only people along major corridors can get the high speed internet that we ALL paid for installing?

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Kansas governor to re-enact signing of anti-abortion measure

Actually, science tells us that life began over 3 billion years ago. Are you claiming that sperm and unfertilized eggs aren't alive?

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New Lawrence mayor confident commission ready to tackle issues, rebuild trust

Why not read the articles yourself. The link to last year's is following this article. Click on that article and you find the link to the year before. Here, I'll do the work for you:

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Lawrence neighbors voice concerns over Bob Billings Parkway traffic

As the article states, it was the community offering the ideas of roundabouts. Roundabouts do move traffic smoothly and efficiently. The area of Bob Billings west of Wakarusa is residential and it is the concern of the residents that people will use the road as a speedway.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Walking and waking at Rock Chalk Park

I can't believe you're griping about the cost of sidewalks now! Is there anything that you actually like about Lawrence?

April 12, 2015 at 5:58 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Lawhorn's Lawrence: Walking and waking at Rock Chalk Park

I would say the number of articles critical of RCP and its financing is far greater than the number praising it.

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