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Letter: Gun control

I object to the author's grammatical misstatement.

It does NOT start with a prepositional phrase. The only prepositional phrases are:
"to the security of a free state" which contains a prepositional phrase "of a free state" and then the final prepositional phrase "of the people"

Your eighth grade English should have taught you that prepositional phrases begin with prepositions.

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What would you say Lawrence is the capital of?

constant online complainers

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What would you say Lawrence is the capital of?

Wes Studi!!

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Commissioners approve recycling pilot program for unincorporated Douglas County

Maybe Lecompton needs to follow Lawrence, Baldwin City and Eudora and start their own recycling service.

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Long-closed portion of 31st Street set to reopen on Wednesday

Today is Thursday. When he uses the future tense "will reopen on Wednesday" a native English speaker should realize that he means next Wednesday. That would be August 5th. The day after next Tuesday.

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Editorial: Hub hubbub

You're comparing Lawrence, KS to LA, Atlanta and Tampa? Why not throw in New York City and Philadelphia? Lawrence doesn't have the population base for a system like that. Lawrence has very few streets that go all the way across town E-W or N-S.
The way the transit system works in Lawrence is to move people between the most popular destinations: downtown, 31st and Iowa, 6th and Wakarusa, East Hills, schools and apartment complexes, etc. while also passing through residential areas where people ride the bus most frequently (they actually do studies and have gathered data on where most people come and go from). People already transfer buses a lot to get from one point to another but having the primary transfer point downtown has caused issues. The downtown hub has even had to move multiple times due to construction downtown.
A central hub will allow more routes which are shorter which will allow the buses to cover their route more often.
If people actually started using the bus system instead of arm-chair quarterbacking, many of their questions would be answered.

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Editorial: Hub hubbub

Thank you for this rational editorial. Our new city commissioners don't seem to have any sense at all. There was already a study done on where to put the hub and a central location is the most logical idea. This will not stop buses from running downtown. Not every bus will have to pass through the hub. The ability to have routes that aren't miles and miles long will improve the speed and efficiency of the system. But most of all: the KU endowment is offering A LONG TERM, NO COST LEASE ON THE PROPERTY. What better deal could we ask for? Why are these new commissioners so enthralled with 9th and Iowa where we would have to pay for the property and where the owner has already said NO!
The next time you drive through that horribly crowded intersection at 9th and Iowa, think of how much fun it would be with eight or nine buses trying to make turns there.

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Going to the Farmers' Market? Keep your dog on a short leash

Show respect by leaving your dog at home.

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Going to the Farmers' Market? Keep your dog on a short leash

Do you take your dog to the grocery store?

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