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No one claims Kansas 5-year-old left at Kohl's

"No ones"?

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KU chancellor's husband worked closely with people implicated in UNC's massive academic fraud case

I'd like to know how he became an Assistant and Associate Dean with just a M.A.

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Latest plans show hundreds of new apartments, condos, retirement units near Alvamar golf course; city looks to get in gear on transit changes

Thank you Chad for asking the appropriate questions about the transit hub. There is no need to have the hub at a shopping destination. People can get to these destinations already by bus and this won't change by adding the 21st street hub. The hub is to be a centrally located place where people can transfer buses quickly. Herbert and Boley have shown a great deal of ignorance about the transit system both before and after the elections. I'm especially disappointed in Herbert's ridiculous view that buses should be quick. It's hard to go quickly from point A to point B when you have to stop every several blocks to pick up and drop off passengers. No one ever claimed that the bus should be the fastest way around.

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Pet World fire kills many small animals; python, some others survive

Obviously not as much as your high horse.

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Kansas Senate blocks strong beer in supermarkets

Of course, and don't forget to pack a gun!

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Lawrence city commissioners look to add stop signs to reduce traffic on 27th Street

Said by a guy who's been on here less than a year and posted over 800 times...

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A young Barred Owl sits in a tree north of Lawrence not more than 30 feet away from an owl box where

I have a pair that frequents the tree in my back yard (the parents?) in East Lawrence. I love it when they start 'talking' to each other.

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Lawrence city commissioners look to add stop signs to reduce traffic on 27th Street

Are you suggesting that the heavy traffic on 27th is due to locals going to Runza? Traffic has increased because people see it as a way to avoid all the traffic lights on 23rd street and Iowa. So yes, traffic signs WILL deter traffic. Once people get caught in a five minute stop sign line on 27th, they may very well go back to 23rd.

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