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Opinion: Black lives demand focus

Which is a different matter all together and in no way diminishes the "Black Lives Matter" movement.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

I drive for a living also and I see many pedestrians and cyclists. The one thing I don't see anymore is the half mile long traffic jams at ridiculous four-way stops thanks to an increase in roundabouts.

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Lawrence residents look toward a different future in Cuba

George W Bush did an awful lot of borrowing from the Chinese.

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Lawrence City Commission to act next week on naming mayor, filling vacant seat

I agree. The first step should be to offer the commission seat to Riordan.

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City commissioner says some travel expenses by former Mayor Jeremy Farmer have drawn questions; city expected to release details today; Soden talks about pending appointment

It should be the person who had the most votes in the last election but didn't have enough to win a seat. I don't like the idea of the new commissioners just picking someone new who they all like. A special election would be nice.

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Lawrence mayor's status unknown as City Commission OKs $207 million budget

“I was prepared in case he arrived and decided to resign,” Soden said after the meeting. “I had a speech ready in case he did that because I try to be prepared.”

Geez, the corpse isn't cold yet and the vultures are circling.

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Letter: Wrong name

It IS the school of business. We want to get the kids used to selling out to their corporate masters.

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Letter: Gun control

I object to the author's grammatical misstatement.

It does NOT start with a prepositional phrase. The only prepositional phrases are:
"to the security of a free state" which contains a prepositional phrase "of a free state" and then the final prepositional phrase "of the people"

Your eighth grade English should have taught you that prepositional phrases begin with prepositions.

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What would you say Lawrence is the capital of?

constant online complainers

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What would you say Lawrence is the capital of?

Wes Studi!!

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