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Douglas County Sheriff's Office recommends jail redesign that would more than double number of beds

I don't think the Sheriff's office is choosing the most expensive option as your headline implies but is actually choosing the only option which meets the needs. Neither of the Plan B options have a space for women with mental illnesses.

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Lawrence sales tax questions pass overwhelmingly

So you would rather they ignore the 70% in favor of the 30%? When you're shopping in Topeka, buy me some tissues so I can wipe away these tears I'm crying for you.

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All of Lawrence's public buildings to allow concealed firearms starting Jan. 1

“I’d like to learn more about it,” Soden said. “Of course, cost is a real factor to consider for those items.”

Typical Do-Nothing-Leslie. You've had several years to prepare for this and with two months left you decide to 'learn more about it'? Can't wait for her to come up for re-election.

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Lawrence City Commission candidates weigh in on sales tax renewal, property taxes

Remember to register to vote and vote YES on sales tax questions!

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Bar owner makes doormat out of Kaepernick, Lynch jerseys

"It's not a race thing."
Yes, it is. Both the bar owner's racist message and the reason the NFL players are protesting are about race.

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Opinion: What did Jemele Hill get wrong?

A very quick google search reveals that once again you are wrong:


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Vandals cut cross off Lawrence's Indian United Methodist Church

.....or commit violence in a non-white church or non-christian place of worship.

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