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Rasmussen responds to concerns about out-of-town donations

Are you suggesting that the Crosslands donated money to Bruce Jenner? Calling Jim Ryun a Wacky-bird does in this context does not mean he is calling all Olympians wacky-birds. Maybe a better term would be conservative nut-case.

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Psychologist: McLinn has multiple personalities, compares herself to Jeffrey Dahmer

Odd how so many on here doubt the trained psychiatrist for spending 17 hrs over several months yet are so sure of themselves and willing to make their own diagnosis based on a newspaper story.

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1301 New York Net Zero House

It looks like it will be very ugly and uninviting. Rather than facing 13th street like all the other houses in the neighborhood it will be facing away from the street and from what I can tell there won't be any windows on the street side. It seems to be built in spite of the neighborhood rather than becoming part of the neighborhood.

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Opinion: Can Clinton curb email damage?

Of course she can curb the 'damage'. Republicans who wouldn't vote for her anyway will scream bloody murder and Democrats who would vote for her will see it as a trivial political ploy by Republicans.

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Lawrence police: Two shooting victims are KU students; suspects still at large

If the victims knew the suspects and the suspects are on the loose and possibly armed; why are we not being given their names? Surely the police could catch them quicker if we had more info than a 5'9", 180lb white male wearing a gray sweatshirt and blue jeans. I've only seen a couple dozen people that fit that description today.

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Kansas legislators divided on hate crime legislation

This website is horrible! I replied to a comment which has apparently been deleted and my post was then added as a reply to Fred which it is not!

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Kansas legislators divided on hate crime legislation

Hate crime laws are not laws against hate. But burning a cross on an African-American's lawn is a hate crime and the perpetrator should be charged with more than just starting an open fire in city limits.

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Select KU, Haskell students get word they'll have preferred seating at Obama event

No, what he is doing is propagating the right wing rhetoric that Hispanic people are in America for 'free stuff'. The only quote Mr Burkhart uses from Mr Sarmiento is that he looks forward to the future. The repetition about 'free stuff' is just his feeble attempt to mimic fox news race baiting.

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President Obama to visit Lawrence next week


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Lawrence home to many more than city's own homeless

I disagree, Fred: I think you enjoy being the ogre in the pack.

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