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Opinion: Christianity comes late to change

Spot on, Leonard

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House rejects school finance plan

It's simple. Fund our schools and stop vilifying teachers.

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Kansas Senate passes bill voiding local gun rules

"Supporters say a patchwork of local regulations confuses gun owners..."

The one's I've met and talked with seem confused from the start.

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Faces of the uninsured: five years later

What a crappy unresearched article. I'm low income and just signed up with the ACA and due to the rebate, I pay $0 for insurance. These people you talked to didn't even look at the website yet! Each one of these people could easily get insurance at no cost to them.
Don't believe the hype! The ACA works!

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KU law students create organization to provide clothing, blankets to Bangladesh poor

How sad/ironic that they probably made those clothes.

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Fluoride fight pits oral health advocates against those who say their science is outdated

"Burgstahler gave credibility to the antifluoridation side, said his friend, Paul Finney, a Humboldt acupuncturist who called Burgstahler "one of the most honest people I've known in my life.""

A quack supporting a quack

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Dispute between homeowner, city continues over Rock Chalk Park lighting plan

Jack Graham won't be forgotten by many. Destroying our history and heritage for a quick buck.

February 5, 2014 at 5:48 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

City seeking grant money to build new hike and bike trail through downtown, East Lawrence

Maybe you should get out and actually enjoy the bike/trail system around town. Beats sitting around stewing over the gubment.

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What was your favorite moment of 2013?

I hope the upcoming year offers you more excitement than discovering lentils! ;)

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