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Analysis: Brownback's view of Kansas economy as a 'three-legged stool' no longer accurate

Yes. City commission races are reactive to actions of the preceding commission, rather than on a future vision. The group charged with setting our economic course -- the Chamber of Commerce -- is semi-opaque and experiencing persistent churn. In other cities, the public visioning opportunity most clearly rises in mayoral campaigns. Time for Lawrence to consider an elected mayor?

As for Brownback, astonishing that he -- and his advisors -- have such a weak grasp of the Kansas economy. Fine work Hancock!

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Saturday Column: New provost has vision, drive to re-energize KU

A friend and I were walking across campus the other day, sharing Dolph's lament about the doldrums around KU. Across the newly-renovated Jayhawk Boulevard, past construction at the Spencer, the new geological sciences building, new dorms on Daisy Hill, down the hill with its massive Central District project, through the DeBruce building, and to the new business building. What, maybe half a billion in construction altogether? Construction cranes all over the place. During this brutally stingy time in Kansas politics? But Dolph sure hits the nail on the head. No energy at KU. Nothing at all. What has Chancellor Gray-Little been doing?

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Democrats stage US House sit-in on guns; GOP unmoved

Yeah, they are cute, in a sort of dignified way. But say, you want adorable, type "gunshot wound photos" into your web-browser. As for Liberal "sheepishness," nobody -- and I mean NOBODY -- guzzles the kool-aid of simple-minded hysteria like the NRA.

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Gun debate heats up locally, nationally

What a silly thing to say, Mr. Middleton. We "infringe" on that right all the time and with perfect justification. You don't have a right to bear arms on someone else's private property, like airplanes and personal homes. Children don't have a right to carry guns into schools. Criminals don't have a right to be armed while they're in prison. Nobody has the right to manufacture bombs, which are "arms" in the minds of the Posse Comitatus and other 2nd amendment extremists. Really, let's try for an adult conversation on this issue. The more than 30K who die from guns each year deserve at least that much.

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Editorial: Right choice

Nice to see this issue resolved in such a civil and cooperative manner. Good job, Commissioners! Having successfully navigated some recent choppy seas, maybe it's time look to future possibilities.

Great cities have strong leadership at both the administrative (city manager) and political (mayor) levels. Good job with the new CM. Now let's think about the mayor.

According to the LJW: “Herbert said Monday he and Larsen had discussed whether to change how Lawrence's mayors are elected, moving away from a "ceremonial mayor system" to a strong-mayor form of government, in which voters elect mayors. Both agreed that type of shift should not be decided by a two-person subcommittee."

They're right. This should be a matter of public discourse and action. But when and how will the public have that opportunity? I, very respectfully, hope this Commission will open a door to thoughtful consideration.

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Subcommittee to recommend who should be Lawrence's mayor for remainder of 2016

Agree with everything you say, Greg. We need excellent administrative (city manager) and political (mayor) leadership for Lawrence to succeed in these very challenging time.

I respect Herbert/Larsen's belief that the public should engage in the question of an elected mayor. They're right. But when and how will the public have that opportunity? I hope the Commission uses tonight's discussion to open some doors to future consideration.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

Some would say that the NRA is destroying the Constitution.

Included in that group is former Chief Justice of the United States, Warren Berger. To quote: "the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word 'fraud,’ on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime…[the NRA] ha(s) misled the American people and they, I regret to say, they have had far too much influence on the Congress of the United States than as a citizen I would like to see – and I am a gun man.” Burger also wrote, “The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon…Surely the Second Amendment does not remotely guarantee every person the constitutional right to have a ˜Saturday Night Special’ or a machine gun without any regulation whatever. There is no support in the Constitution for the argument that federal and state governments are powerless to regulate the purchase of such firearms…”

I realize that some legitimate legal scholars may disagree with the Constitutional interpretation of this conservative, Republican justice. But there are varied opinions about what is Constitutional and who threatens our national well-being.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

Hope the NRA taught you how to shoot and be safe. But they sure didn't teach you how to think. There are more than 3OK gun deaths in this country each year. Most people view that as a bad thing.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

Well, I am a lefty. Damn proud of it. But I am not afraid of guns. Used to do a lot of target shooting. In recent years, however, I've enjoyed archery more. Recurve bow. So nice try, junior.

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Kansas faith leaders urge Brownback to reverse ban on Syrian refugees

Screen the refugees and let them in. Let's focus on a far more pernicious danger: our homegrown extremist gun culture.

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