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Former City Commissioner Terry Riordan to apply for vacant spot on commission; no applications on file yet

I welcome Dr. Riordan's willingness to be appointed to the Commission. I've been worrying as to whether this process would attract capable applicants. While dismayed at the Rock Chalk Park fiasco, my impression has always been that Dr. Riordan is a decent man. And I'm sure he's learned his lesson about asking tough questions. If there are better applicants, so be it. But I'm very relieved to have at least one person in the running who is up to the challenge. Thanks for applying, Terry.

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Candidates differ on rental licensing program; discuss views on city management, commission changes

Have no recollection of the article, David. But I do distinctly recall meeting with Bill Sepik -- Chamber CEO at the time -- in which he told us (there was a city commissioner with me) how bitter he was that he'd jumped through all the AE hoops, only to be used as a negotiating pawn. This race to the eco-devo bottom is a very unhealthy dynamic.

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Candidates differ on rental licensing program; discuss views on city management, commission changes

Not to take sides in the City Commission race, but nobody "ran off American Eagle." I was there at the time, on the County Commission. While there was a lot of community discussion, the City and County gave AE the concessions it requested. AE then used those concessions to negotiate an even better deal with Ottawa. It left me very wary of incentives...and even more wary of the idea that communities can "buy" good corporate citizens. That's why I cheer Larry McElwain's increased attention on growing local businesses, which have a true commitment to our community.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

I continue to strongly support the council-manager form of municipal government. City management has become way too complex to put on the shoulders of citizen legislators. Electeds need to set policy and direction. An elected mayor would, I believe, strengthen those leadership tasks. But we need trained professionals to handle implementation.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

Boy, do I wish we could get a handle on campaign spending. I completely share your concern about how big money is distorting -- or even hijacking -- our democracy. But I suspect that particular battle will have to be fought in the US Supreme Court. And you are certainly right, we need to pay attention to campaign finance.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

Agree that we need to be mindful of taxpayer dollars. Have no preconceived notion about compensation for an elected mayor. I'd suggest we have a Blue Ribbon Panel look at high-functioning peer communities -- such as the ones mentioned in Lawhorn's article -- to see how they manage such things. But I generally agree that we need not go overboard in spending money.

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Your Turn: Elected mayor might benefit Lawrence

Richard, thanks for your comments. While I'm strongly in favor of fair representation, I'm pretty skeptical about the district concept. Local government works best when all electeds take a city-wide perspective. I've seen situations where commissioners think only of their district, which can create a very polarized and contentious council. At this point, I don't think we need districts. Again, at this point.

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House approves concealed carry on campus

I so wish all these gunnies would grow up. It isn't like on TV children. Anyone fearful or angry enough to conceal carry ought to be considered risky.

Want some truth about Conceal Carry? Check out http://www.vpc.org/ccwkillers.htm. Of course the gunnies will discredit the site. Dealing with facts in a thoughtful fashion just isn't their style.

Happy, a lot of people are the backbone of this country. Even some who feel that the gun lobby is viciously out of control.

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Eco devo myth

As a card-carrying member of the eco-devo crowd I would appreciate it, Mr. Dunfield, if you would keep your paws off our myth!Why what do you expect us to talk about?The Chamber's promises of jobs -- in return for big buck support from taxpayers -- that remain as empty as the Serologicals building?How Lavern Squier demoralized then drove good people out of the Chamber, while the Board went missing in action?How Hack, Johnson, Squier and Corliss -- aided by the LJ World and the pro-growth city commission -- managed to fumble away the Deciphera deal?Cling desperately to facts if you must, Mr. Dunfield. Truth has always been the refuge of your type, sir! As for me, when I think of the terror in those angelic American Eagle eyes as they raced one step ahead of the snapping, frothing jaws of the antigrowth crowd, well it just makes me want to cry.

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