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New Kansas Statehouse mural of Brown v. Board of Education evokes past and present social divisions

Went to see the mural yesterday. A very thoughtful teaching resource. Then stopped at the Brown museum (just a few blocks away). A wonderful, and disturbing, tribute to our history. Together, a very well spent couple of hours.

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See renderings for LMH's nearly $100M west Lawrence project, complete with rooftop terrace and amphitheater

These plans are very beautiful. But it does raise a question. Why does LMH money flow toward such luxuries, when we lack adequate mental health resources? Hospital board members are nominated by the mayor and confirmed by the commission. Yet, the hospital seems to pursue its own course and interests. What gives?

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'Guns are not worth more than children’s lives': One month after Florida massacre, students in Lawrence join national walkout

So proud of these kids. The LHS event was quiet and dignified and moving. Their parents raised them right. Let's hope they also raised them to be effective.

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Letter to the editor: Fighting chance

Hard to speculate on last thoughts, Marsha, but maybe the victims would have preferred that their murderer didn't have a gun.

As far as arming teachers. Carry a gun into school, and you will be publicly shamed as a coward if you don't act the way gunnies like to imagine they would act in the event of a mass shooting.


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As Lawrence students gear up for gun-control protests, adults pledge support in 'Wrap the Walkout' campaign

Somehow, I doubt that very many high school students pay attention to this particular running commentary. If they do, I hope they will take the time to read the following letter from Mayor Sly James.


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Roberts, Jenkins predict congressional action on guns in wake of mass shooting at Florida high school

And where is the follow-up on the Lawrence 1 year old who died of a gunshot wound. We need to understand the situation. Because, sadly, every jackwagon who can lay his hands on a gun is quite sure he knows how to handle it properly. 100% 2nd Amendment, you bet!

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Roberts, Jenkins predict congressional action on guns in wake of mass shooting at Florida high school

Brilliant letter from Sly James about gun violence.


And while I'm at. What a venomous, snarly thug is Wayne LaPierre. I honestly cannot understand why any person of good conscience chooses to affiliate with the NRA.

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Developers to propose downtown project with conference center, hotel and high-rise condos

Same old song, privatize the profits and socialize the costs. Meanwhile, the rich get richer. Maybe the city could demand an equity share in the profit side, run the money through the Community Fund to social service non-profits.

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Orman launches bid for Kansas governor

What a glorious Christmas present for Kris Kobach.

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At least 59 killed, 527 wounded as gunman opens fire at Las Vegas concert; worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history

Brock.. FYI.

Wichita Eagle, Feb 24, 2015

Guns that were seized as part of crimes will be sold by the city of Wichita for the first time.

A new state law requires cities to give the weapons to law enforcement or sell them, with the exception of guns that have been involved in homicides or are in poor condition.

More than 200 guns, of various makes and models, will be available on BudsGunShop.com for purchase by licensed firearm dealers, said Elizabeth Harlenske, assistant city attorney.

“Historically, we destroyed them to keep them from going back on the street,” said Sharon Dickgrafe, interim city attorney.

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