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Darnell Jackson's letter to KU fans

We love you D -- thanks for everything and thanks for being a Jayhawk. Congrats on the Championship, the NBA contract, and most of all -- the degree. Your letter is awesome. Rock Chalk!!!

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Rare ferrets apparently thriving in western Kansas

The only way to bring back BF-ferrets is to put black-tailed prairie dogs on the ESL. It needs to be done and should be done. Farmers and ranchers claim that dog colonies lead to injured livestock -- scientific evidence says otherwise. In fact, dog colonies increase graze diversity and quality. BFF are amazing carnivores, and Kansas, which is an otherwise barren state in terms of wildlife diversity is lucky to have them. Hopefully plague issues won't be a problem here like with reintroductions in MT and elsewhere. More p-dogs also means more upland sandpipers and burrowing owls... In terms of troll-posts, I think it's nice when people wave the ignorant flag around -- it makes it easier to ignore everything they ever say...

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Please hang up

No cell phones w/o hands-free in NY, and they hand out tickets aplenty. It works, drive the thruway and you rarely see anyone with a phone to their ear. Lake Placid is ridiculous in the summer -- staties just waiting for you to do it... I remember reading that mexican food caused the most accidents... Something to do with messy tacos...

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New poll shows Obama losing support

I have a great idea. How about all the people with brains who aren't self-interested hate-filled conservatives leave these ridiculous LJW comment boards to the afore-mentioned. It's Kansas after all folks. Those of us who grew up in Lawrence or have spent much time here/there and were lucky enough to leave this 'crotch of America' (Kansas, not Lawrence specifically) realize that the rethugs run the show. It's going to go red, for racist, selfish, retarded or what-have-you reasons, and all the losers who sit around and complain about all the good things we (the people with brains who care about America and Americans) want can just continue to verbally massage each other over the internet. This is a Dolph Simon paper after all, and luckily, those of us who know Lawrence, know that it is the only bastion of good in an otherwise ridiculous state... We all also know that when the next generation of Americans matures (including Kansans), the country will finally pull its head out of its proverbial arse. Let's just hope the world doesn't become irretrievably f'd before then. As evidenced by other posts on other subjects, most of these d-holes live in other towns anyway...Oh ya: Obama builds map lead... (from yesterday). http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archiv...

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Civil War didn't end US slavery

White people suck. Thanks to all on this thread for making this abundantly obvious...Why do conservative righties carry so much hate? I know almost everyone on here lives a remarkably sheltered life too -- there's no explaining the ridiculousness of the prevailing views... Mark Twain said that travel is the cure for ignorance. I think a lot of you would do well to get out of Lawrence every once in a while (or atleast out of your grandmother's basement)...

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Men charged with killing musician appear in court

Hey Donkey -- don't you have anything better to do than to spread hate? Go hug yourself, you obviously need it. Seriously. You didn't know this man, and he didn't know you.

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Bee prepared

It's an honor to have the great Busy Bee come to Lawrence. All you racist retards who don't understand MUSIC need to keep your bigotry to yourselves. If Eddie Vedder were coming to Liberty Hall would you be saying the same thing? No, then why say anything at all? Busy is perhaps a greater influencer of an entire genre of music than Eddie Vedder, more akin to Kurt Cobain perhaps, who, guess what -- SHOT HIMSELF. Thanks Busy, and thanks Russ-Rob for your years at KU. It's amazing how predictable some of the hateful comments are on this board, and like LMJ, I too often make comments solely to defend the honor of my hometown, a non-racist bastion in the backwards state of Kansas...

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Staying put

It is a ridiculous amount of money for athletics at an INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING. The NCAA Championship is huge, and I think Self staying is great, it's just sad that so much money has to be part of successful collegiate athletics. It speaks volumes to the priorities in this country that millions of dollars are spent on things like this, while ordinary citizens struggle to afford health care and pay the costs of living. Please guys, don't be so hateful towards someone with a legitimate point of view. We're all Jayhawks fans, some of us were born here and taught the fight song in grade school, grew up on campus while both of our parents worked there, then went to KU -- and we still think it's crazy that MILLIONS of dollars has to go in order to keep a coach. All that being said I'm glad the money did go to Self and that he did decide to stay -- you can't not play the game after all, and other commenters are right when they say the Championship is a boon to KU and Lawrence as well... Of course a part of me wonders whether Danny wouldn't have been a pretty damn good replacement, and true Lawrencian as well...

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Could Lawrence be the next Austin?

Wow -- one of the many reasons Lawrence will always be Lawrence is that it's full of regressive-minded simpletons as evidenced by 50-60% of the readable posts on this site. Kansas is Kansas after all, the state where Evolution is in danger and Fred Phelps lives -- sadly enough on many counts it doesn't compare favorably even to the cultural wasteland and home of 'W' that is Texas... Although we can always hope that most of the mental midgets who use 'lib' as a derogatory term and proclaim hispanic immigrants to be the root of all evil are actually out in Manhattan or Garden City... or Lubbock... I wonder what Lawrence would be like without KU... Keep in mind all you hateful Kansans -- this has been a Free State for quite a while now, and you're always welcome to join Quantrill and his vanquished kin across the line in MO... Now bring on the vitriolic flaming, and I'll return to watching basketball and remembering why I'm often ashamed to tell people I'm from Kansas...

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Last Call shooter pleads guilty

Informed -- I'm not attacking you so can you please refrain from attacking me (at least with the obvious vitriol you summoned)?

Most people (like Gerry Ferraro) who think that race has nothing to do with the things they say have a lot of issues of which they are either unaware or chose to ignore.

My sensibilites are delicate, as all of our's should be, especially regarding race. Overt racism is much more prevalent than anything vocalized or visualized in today's society.

You were very obviously referring to the string of posts regarding the Vital shooting which did contain racist and inflammatory material, so I felt the need to defend what Tony said as he also drew the same connection.

I would also argue that as Mr. Jackson did not murder anyone, nor premeditate to do so as the accused killers of Clacc possibly did, that the situation is different.

Again, he is going to be punished and I believe the punishment is deserved. Whether or not the highest rate of encarceration in the Western world (as we have in the US) helps to prevent crime is another matter. There are certainly a lot of non-violent offenders in prison in this country, many of whom received disproportionately longer sentences due to the nature of their crime (powder vs. rock cocaine sentencing guidelines is a prime example, and exemplifies the overt racism in America many would argue).

I take pride in my reading comprehension skills by the way, indeed, a truly informed reader is able to read between the lines.

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