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Club Magic manager says he's trying to turn around a new business at an old, and troubled, location

Sorry Mr. Hall. Too little, too late, I can't speak for everyone but I feel confident saying the people of Lawrence don't want the business your location draws.

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Sound Off: What is the latest cost estimate for the Statehouse project?

$332.4 Million

Three hundred and thirty-two point four million dollars


2,871,238 Kansas Residents (2011 census)

$115 spent by each Kansas Resident


165 Part-time Kansas Legislators (125 Representatives, 40 Senators) meeting 90 days a year.

$2,014,545 spent on each Part-time Kansas Legislator

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One person extricated from vehicle after accident near 13th and Tennessee streets

Your post was also cynical and rude.

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Property owners want answers on extra tax for more parking

The formatting in the comment preview lies!

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Property owners want answers on extra tax for more parking

Underground of the riverside mall parking garage is empty all the time.
Top floor and basement of the 10th and New Hampshire parking garage is empty all the time
Numerous other lots in downtown Lawrence, particularly 38.972919,-95.237732, 38.968476,-95.233956, and 38.965989,-95.237567, are often, by my observation, less than half full.
So Mr. Riling, I'd say we have plenty of parking downtown.
What we could benefit from is better instant communication to drivers about where parking is available

Long term Ideas
Trolleys, one running Mass from 6th to 19th. Another making a loop of 6th, New Hampshire, 11th, and Vermont.
Make some parking on Vermont and New Hampshire angular like Mass St. instead of parallel to the road.

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3.2M juvenile facility to open in Franklin County

The U.S. locks up children at more than six times the rate of all other developed nations. The over 60,000 average daily juvenile lockups, a figure estimated by the Annie E. Casey Foundation (AECF), are also disproportionately young people of color. With an average cost of $80,000 per year to lock up a child, the U.S. spends more than $5 billion annually on youth detention.


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Rick Santorum wins Kansas presidential caucuses

"For all the libs that aren't comfortable here and are offended by our right to choose the way we want to live"
If I don't choose to live as a straight white catholic, will I be comfortable here?

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Town Talk: UPDATE: Planners split on North Mass plan; Chinese restaurant opens at 23rd and Iowa; rental registration fee topic of city audit; weekly land sales, including activity at Bella Sera condos

Good luck to 8 flavors with their new menu, I ate there a week ago and was definitely not impressed. I'm not sure how they made the food taste like it had been sitting for 8 hours at one in the afternoon.

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Lawmakers won’t review concealed carry for blind

or we just want to rifle people up again

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