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WalMart Black Friday Deals

"Chinese crap" is apparently the hot phrase; I see it everywhere. Used to be the Communists, then the Japanese, now it's the Chinese. Got to hate someone.

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Group assessing function of community schools

Classroom size has nothing to do with school size. You can have small classrooms in a larger, more efficient building. Research supports small classes but not necessarily small schools.

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Profile of Koch brothers misguided

Sounds like a lousy company to work for. He's probably better off elsewhere.

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Profile of Koch brothers misguided

If you can't find a job you're not looking too hard. May not pay great but you won't starve.

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Josh Selby to attend class Tuesday

+1. I hear Marcus might be attending class on Thursday. I'll keep checking for breaking news.

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Scary Kochs

The Kochs do recognize what's in their own best interest and yet they're being criticized. Is it okay to look after your own interests or not? Or for just some people to do so?

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Vigil to remember World War II victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

+1. Civilian deaths from the war strategies of Stalin, the Nazis, and the Japanes Army dwarf any deaths from these two bombing incidents. No Monday morning armchair quarterbacking allowed; this was one of the better options available to the U.S. in what was a horrible situation.

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Frankly American: Move over, apple pie; hot dogs reign on 4th

No sense wasting parts of the animal.

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What conference should KU join?

Whatever conference will take us at this point.

June 11, 2010 at 6:55 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

KU, other state universities falling dangerously behind

Who outside of Kansas would really compare KU to the coastal schools mentioned or the Big 10? It's a good university but certainly not at the level of many of the so-called peer institutions (outside of a few stellar programs) mentioned by Mr. Simons.

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