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Lawrence school board debates consolidation effort

small class size has nothing to do with school size. 300-500 can hardly be considered a large school.And these are not "perfectly good buildings." Some are ancient; we've gotten our money's worth out of them. It may well be cheaper to build one new building than upgrade multiple decades-old schools.

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No deal yet reached on new employment contracts for police, fire unions

If I can't get a raise then no one should get a raise. Hrmph.

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Meetings scheduled to address closure of Lawrence's SRS office; Brownback administration remains mum

I'm not sure I can totally buy this. KCK is surely just as Democratic, maybe more. And closing their offices would have saved even more money.

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Lawrence High baseball wins first game at State, 2-1

Is it normal for a team to have only played 23 games by the end of the season? Congrats to the guys, though.

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Teachers request $1,500 raises during negotiations with Lawrence school district administrators

It doesn't cost anything to ask for it; the worst they could do is get no raise, which is what they'd get without asking.

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Which of these mob movies is your favorite?

Star Wars tends to romanticize Sith lords. It's still good.

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Dozens of Lawrence property owners have already received tickets for not shoveling sidewalks

No sympathy here for the beer-swilling college students who can't get off their duff and shovel their walk.

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Odd jobs: In this economy, Lawrence residents are getting creative

Unemployment in Kansas is only in the 6% range. Hardly "hard times."

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Lawrence school teachers ratify changes in work agreement

The players seem to do quite well even with their unions.

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Copper thieves take 5,000 pounds of wire

Nobody asks questions when you try to sell 2 1/2 tons of copper?

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