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Have you ever boated or fished along the Kansas River?

There used to be a canoe race from Manhattan to Lawrence twice a year back in the seventies and eighties. That was a blast, but I was afraid of tipping over and getting in the water once we got past Topeka!! :)

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Seen any good movies lately?

The question doesn't ask about "new" movies, it just asks about movies in general. . . I just watched the original "Footloose" last week. It always makes me smile.

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Kansas House panel endorses plan to split Topeka

Spending valuable time on redistricting issues instead of the urgent problems of the recession and loss of jobs in Kansas makes zero sense to me.

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What’s your favorite kind of pie?


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LifeStar air ambulance called to one-vehicle injury accident north of Vinland

Obviously the Gun Club isn't in the "town" of Vinland. Wishing Mr Forker all the best. Prayers go out to him.

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Are you excited for winter?

What's an expediter?

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First Bell: ‘The Laramie Project’ opens on stage tonight at Lawrence High; school board goals available online

You're right Mr. Getto. When this play was performed at K-State three years ago, the Westboro group was there in full force.

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What was your favorite movie growing up?

Wissmo - I noticed the Billy Jack movies are on netflix. There are three.

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What was your favorite movie growing up?

+1 I remember that!!!

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What was your favorite movie growing up?

I remember the Walt Disney World Sunday night movies. Watched all of them.

There used to be a movie version of the Nutcracker. Loved it.

Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music.

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