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Kobach sues Obama administration over immigration amnesty plan

Brownback/Kobach 2016!!! (jk)

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Royals blew it with Melky Cabrera

Thank you Captain Obvious. We need to keep putting pressure on the decision makers in the Royals organization to get serious about putting a winning team on the field. I for one don't buy the argument that KC is only about football.

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

My first 45 was American Pie for my 12th birthday in 1972. Thanks Chuck!!

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Sound Off: Is it legal to make a left turn on a red light in west Lawrence?

The person who asked this question has probably seen other cars do it. I have. Not just at 4AM either. The stoplight at Wakarusa and K10 by-pass and also the Iowa and by-pass stoplight seem to be popular.

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Know your role in youth sports

Good article and SO true. In my experience as a coach, kids don't like the pressure of going up to the plate and failing time after time. Some kids are good at baseball and some are not, no matter how much they practice. Most of the kids who are not getting it by the time they are twelve, quit on their own. Baseball is not for everyone. Good parents let their kids move on to something else and not badger the coach about how it's not fair.

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LHS baseball lands four on All-State

Way to slam some talented young baseball players granny. Feel better?

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50 years too late


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Kansas may be conservative experiment

As long as budget cuts include legislative salaries and pensions for former legislators, I'm fine with cuts.

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