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How important is it for students to learn cursive writing?

Well, if you can't read it, you'll have to have a translator to read some of our historic documents or letters. I for one, think it's still important for that reason and to also have a real "signature" on documents. It doesn't take long to study and learn cursive.

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What would you do to lower the federal deficit?

I'm pretty sure Cat probably said "revamp" the tax code. . . .
I like Joshua's answer!!

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Area election roundup

Any news on the write-in votes for school board in Baldwin?

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Big 12 hoops title part of big year for K-State

Like it or not, there are a LOT of KSU fans in Lawrence. Some even read the J-W.

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Powerlifter to take place among elite American Indian athletes in national hall of fame

Congratulations to a VERY special person!! We're really proud of how you represent Lawrence, KS Brady.

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Jayhawks: ‘There’s nothing to celebrate’

Saying there is nothing to celebrate sounds like something someone would say who is used to always winning. Wow.

Kudos to KSU for a share of both football and basketball titles this year! And good luck to all Big 12 teams in the Big Dance!!!

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KU to wear alternate adidas camo uniforms in Big 12 tournament

I agree that they look like little kids pjs

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Opinion: Christie could be contender in ’16

Have Mercy

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Would you support a state constitutional amendment that lets the Legislature avoid increasing funding for school districts?

I would vote for an amendment suspending legislator's salaries and/or pensions until they come up with a valid solution for funding the schools.

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Regional prep sports roundups: Oct. 26

Baldwin Bulldog soccer team also qualified for state last night by beating Spring Hill 1-0. Go Dogs!!

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