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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

It makes more sense if you are not an obese or otherwise impaired individual. If you obviously can't run fast, you become a perfect target for someone wanting to steal a gun.

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Overland Park approves carrying weapons in public

I've never understood why all the gun rights folks say its our constitutional right to carry firearms, and yet have no problem with it being prohibited in government buildings. It seems that if you feel firearms are a constitutional right you should also feel that you should be able to carry them in any public place.

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Governor shoots turkey, others unscathed

"My grandfather took me pheasant hunting when I was a kid. At first, the whole thing made me nervous (guns, death, riding 3 hours in a car with the windows rolled all the way up while my grandfather chain smoked). But then, it began to have an "appeal" that is hard to explain."

The "appeal" is what scares me. I'm not arguing that hunting is evil, in-humane, or even wrong. What I'm arguing is that taking pleasure in killing any living creature is wrong. If you want to hunt because there are too many deer in an area and its necessary, because you need food, etc..., go for it. Just don't pull the trigger and shout, "Hoorah! I just yanked the life out of that critter."

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Governor shoots turkey, others unscathed

Yes, I am a meat eater.

No, I do not hunt.

Yes I understand the need for "thinning" out a species in certain areas at certain times. What sickens me is that it is considered a sport.

Why do people take joy in shooting a defenseless bird? If it needs to be done, do it, don't relish in the fact.

Would you take joy in shooting your dog if it got rabies? How about a horse that needed to be put down?

Its attitude that makes the difference here, and the Gov. obviously was very self-satisfied from her kill.

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Governor shoots turkey, others unscathed

Oh yeah, blasting the head off of an evil turkey is a great way to start the day. Seriously...a turkey?? First of all hunting for sport is idiotic. Second of all, what sport is there in hunting a bird that can barely glide, much less fly?

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