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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Save a wave for the sign holders

Liberty tax service - though I never noticed a "seductress". That gig absolutely fails to instill any level of confidence in the competence of Liberty to do anyone's taxes - especially mine.

That said, Lawrence has an ordinace for EVERYTHING so I have to believe there's something about off-site advertising. These Westboro-style signs BLOCK THE VIEW of traffic at busy intersections. Or, if they are on the property, at the driveway access to businesses.

At the very least, they need to be limited in size and how close to the road they holders can stand. Better still - use the radio and newspapaer to promote your "sales".

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Drunken-driving enforcement campaign ends with 18 DUI arrests

At least they got the non compliant seat -belt desperados. Pretty wide-spread lack of compliance, I'd say. When the state passes a helmet law to keep those motorcycle riding coconut heads from cracking their skulls, they can talk about seat belt laws. Until then, it is as the biker lobby insists, pretty much overstepping the bounds. Your insurance company, on the other hand, has every right to demand such compliance or to raise premiums or reduce benefits if cooperation is not forthcoming.

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Opinion: Once more into the snake pit

What a perfect excuse for Obama to go off half-cocked and bomb Iran!

It is a sad thing that he got a second term, as he is now operating with even less regard for the U.S. public he is supposed to serve. But this President, in his arrogance, believes he knows better than us all and adopts some kind of condescending paternal role to tell us so.

Good candidates. We just need good candidates so we can stop electing poor leaders!

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Steam locomotive headlines this weekend's Railfest in Baldwin City

Good mornin', America, how are ya? . . . Be gone 500 mile when the day is done. A bygone - and arguably better - era.

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Roberts says war with Syria likely

As to Liberty275's first comment: probably not. Obama, not Bush, is in charge and he gets a pass on all sorts of things that Bush has nearly been crucified for.

Arm the rebels and get rid of the dictator. There are inherent dangers in weapons being proliferated.

A couple of qeustions: how different from Sadaam Hussein gassing the Kurds is this? What distinguishes this from any of the other middle eastern countries? Will cruise missles fix anything? Unless they can destroy the chemichal weapons stash, no.

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The Fashion Column Twins: Trends for fall

Ankle boots with a dress look ridiculous. Even if they have a heel. But not as ridiculous as cowboy boots with shorts! Both go better with jeans.

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Do you think the city of Lawrence needs a policy about drones?

Perhaps a policy that will prevent the LPD from acquiring one to go along with their multi-million dollar facility and the armored personnel carrier roving the streets of our fair city.

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What is more unpopular: Congress or Obamacare?

Obama camre is quite popular??? What polls have you been reading? Doctors don't treat differently based on who is paying? Lots won't even see, much less treat, without gaurantee of payment. That's why people go to the ER, run up astronomical bills, and go home with instructions to see their doctor tomorrow. But they still can't pay so they still go untreated.

Rep. Jenkins has voiced understanding of the problem: health care is too expensive. Costs must be realistic for any reform to work. The Unaffordable Care Act is not the solution to the needed reform.

And, as t the question: Congress, which voted for ObamaCare, is just as unpopular as their legislation.

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Lawrence man indicted on federal gun charge after several local arrests

"creative" use of the law?? One of the major problems with our legal system is that nothing is straight forward and honest. It needs to be simplified. Running up charges only to dismiss them in a 'deal" has little concern for honest justice and even less for reform or "corrections" as our society is want to call the system that is failing us miserably.

I know I'll get scalded by all the throw the book ath im crew; charges need to be honest, penalties fair, and wheeling and dealing and lying and cheating by the authorities stopped.

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State education board seeks $656 million funding increase

That $3852 is pretty misleading in many situations. The figure, with low-enrollment weighting, LOB and other source of revenue is closer to $10K in many districts.

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