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Abortion bill co-sponsored by Jenkins draws fire for changing "rape" language

Your wife, girlfriend, sister, mom... daughter, is out for a fun evening with some friends. She hooks up/catches up with an old friend from school or work and passes all the social tests from her peers. "Friend" drives her home, after drugging her drink, and proceeds to rape her for a couple of hours in his van, home or alley. He kicks her out close to her house and she wakes up on the lawn, porch or even couch. She ends up pregnant with confirmation of her suspicions coming true of the father not being you but the "friend". Low on cash, the both of you seek assistance in pregnancy termination from any means possible. The state tells you to get bent because it's gods will for what ever reason and you will be fined/imprisoned for seeking help in moving on from some personal violation. Back alley abortion starts to sound pretty reasonable compared to 18 years of resentment and subconscious hatred towards a forced pregnancy term. Nothing fills a soul faster than stating that, "I'm glad I was born because my mom was drugged and raped."

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Jurors find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder of George Tiller

Why is it that soooo many "pro-lifers", christians, fundamentalists, right wingers, ect., ect., get so bent out of shape over the abortion issue? For craps sake, can this kind of energy be directed to the kids that are here now in the form of better public school funding, real and affordable health care access, or even basic daily comforts like a healthy meal? It's as if they don't care about them as soon as they're born... just as long as everyone gets born. Isn't 6 BILLION (and rapidly counting) "miracles" enough? Go ask China how they feel about over population.

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Jurors find Scott Roeder guilty of first-degree murder of George Tiller

I wonder if this self righteous psychopath will think he is some kind of martyr when he gets shivved in jail. He's obviously not stupid. His plan of attack/murder was long thought out and fulfilled. My curiosity is if Roeder sees himself as some sort of divine messenger from god. What kind of voices, reasoning or abject plane of reality does he think that god believes that his acts were a good idea? Doesn't this guy harbor a STRONG belief in Christianity? Perhaps that was the problem in the first place.

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YO: Using bikes to send the world a message


your post bolsters mine.
"It shall be unlawful for any person to ride a bicycle upon any sidewalk within any
business district within the City ....."
I've received 2 tickets, years apart from each other, for riding on the sidewalk. The 2nd was from a bike cop. I should have known better and my cyclist friends continue to rub it in.
What's so bad about sharing the road anyway?

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YO: Using bikes to send the world a message

um.. It's a well known law that bicycles are not allowed to be ridden on sidewalks. Bicyclists pay the same taxes as everyone else for the use and maintenance of roadways.

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Beyond labels: Lawrence teens get thrifty when it comes to fashion

She is as radiant and luminous as her mother. At least she is comfortable enough in her own skin to dress as she pleases and has a mom that encourages her to have a mind of her own. I think that Gyspy is very fortunate to have such support. Thank the stars that she isn't another cookie cutter we see wearing some Abercrombie, American Outfitters, Ugs or some lame, tired sweatpants outfit with "PINK" printed across the butt. THAT is getting soooo old. I don't know about all of you complaining, fashionista lemmings, but this girl is a breath of fresh air.

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N. Lawrence road project starts Thursday

I wonder how UPS will deal with all this. They have a shipping hub in north lawrence and have dozens of trucks driving back and forth across the bridge all day long. The city dump has the same issue...

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51-year-old man arrested in murder of George Tiller outside his church

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Parkinson vetoes Planned Parenthood budget restriction

My bad. I've heard some wild, back and forth debates lately that have blurred the lines. Thanks for the nudge back to reality. Long weekend already.

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Parkinson vetoes Planned Parenthood budget restriction

.... head explodes.... ha.

Sweet! One less moron to complain about Planned Parenthood.

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