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Ten-year-old "ninjas" Josephine Dee, left, Arabella Haigh-Wilsey and Eva Senger stand aware and read

Kinda what I was thinking. Teaching kids to be assassins. Awesome.

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A preview of the final five construction projects at Lawrence schools

Hopefully they fix the roof for Prairie Park. They just redid the offices at Prairie Park and Broken Arrow. Why didn't they fix them the right way?

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Should Kansas do away with daylight saving time?

This makes the most sense. I'd love to have just one time all year (I prefer keeping dst and getting rid of standard time.) But this thought about KC is huge. My family and my work do several things in the KC area all year. That could be a very difficult situation!

You are right, spend money on something needed!

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Price Chopper looking at bringing grocery store to Lawrence; potential issues facing a downtown grocery store

I don't live near HyVee, but work near them. I never shop there, but I have $.25 off gas right now. They are way easier to get money from than Dillons. If I actually shopped there, it would be way worth the drive to the other side. I actually want a HyVee in the O'Connell area.

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Plans filed for Dollar General store in eastern Lawrence; law office has expansion plans; local author has piece featured in New York Times

Happy is synonymous with joyful and a foot is an appendage. I think that was his point. NOT "happy endings" which wouldn't NEED to be trafficking, some people enjoy that type of work.

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Perry-Lecompton drug-testing policy creates questions about teachers

So to paraphrase: It's too expensive to test staff, but it's not too costly for students. If they test staff, there will be legal ramifications, and privacy issues. But kids, they don't matter.

Also, testing their hair? People, start buzzing your hair. Oh and you know that going to concerts can make you test positive even if you did nothing yourself.

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City sends proposal for shooting range near school back to planning commission

Ultimately they can't look in my trunk without a warrant unless I say they can. Especially if I didn't break a law. It's not probable cause to be pulling into the business parking lot. So, if my weapon is in a trunk locked up, nothing they'd be able to do about it.

Not that I have a gun in my possession.

I'm about to go against the liberal stereotype that I tend towards. I live near 31st and Haskell. When this idea for a shooting range came up, my daughter was concerned because it was close to the "school". She has attended the Career Center. My thoughts are the school shooters are NOT the people using a shooting range. These will most likely be the responsible gun owners. Yes, that's a thing. Additionally, if one is planning to shoot up a school, they won't be deterred from or swayed by the distance to their desired target. Basically, I am for the location at 31st and Haskell. I do think it's a better place than the Malls.

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Latest weather service forecast calls for freezing rains, icy roads through 4 p.m.; see map of city streets to be treated

We have over a week for school to start back. It won't be an issue today. Maybe call, email, or write to the city before school starts back.

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Heavy rains, construction cause leaking roofs at Lawrence schools

But what about the other schools that leak? I know that Prairie Park and South both leak. South is too new. Seriously. Not to mention South was designed poorly, you can't even put the student body in the auditorium, and with a band concert, many parents can't even find seating.

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