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Pair of restaurants proposed for location near Sixth Street Wal-Mart; City Hall tensions rise over East Lawrence proposal

I hate that the area within blocks of Mass is called East Lawrence. As for the rest of it... I don't really know the plan, but I do know the neighborhood should have answers on what's going to happen to them. Will they end up with major complications that may impact their living situation? Gentrification was brought up in these comments. Gentrification doesn't have to be a bad thing. It will be an issue for rentals, but homeowners actually would benefit. Their homes will appraise higher and they could sell higher. IF that really happened.

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Retiree housing proposed for 23rd and O'Connell; Lawrence ranked No. 2 in nation for local holiday shopping

I say build it, but someone talk to hyvee and get them out there. 23rd and O'Connell needs groceries.

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Lawrence library visitors up 55 percent; city agrees to final library construction bill; solar panels installed at Prairie Park

Where are the full service gas stations in Lawrence? I'm cold and lazy and really want to know!

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What's your favorite Disney movie?

Prince of Egypt is dreamworks.

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County's design proposal for fairgrounds improvements almost complete

You know what would be awesome? Take out some of the only baseball fields on the east side. Ok? Thanks.

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Lawrence voters reject sales tax for $28 million police headquarters

Mike Amyx, you might notice that the division on who voted for the station is east vs west. West side got a new rec center and now you want us to move the police out west too. People are tired of spending money in general but you might try to figure out why it was so split. Parking garage with a library near by- I was against that one mostly because I didn't like the plan. In all honesty, I'm an eastsider that voted for the police station, even though I didn't agree with the tax and all the crap we keep building. But I was on the fence for a long time. What finally made me vote for it was that I figured if it is a sales tax at least visitors will pay also.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

Right. Some of the people that believe that these holidays are all catholic are not truly educated on the origin of holidays. Try again.

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Hillcrest school scraps Halloween parties, plans to eliminate Valentine's Day events

But there is the rub. You have a fall party. They don't. They went from having a big party to no party. I heard about this from a kid that goes there. A ten year old mentioned to me that her school would not have a party because they needed to stick to cultural things. This student's family is not originally from the US. She then said she doesn't understand because Halloween IS the culture here and she wants to do a party.
See the kids get it. Let them have a party.

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Firefighters investigating suspicious fire in southeast Lawrence

I know when it's breaking news it needs to be gast, but E 25th is not on the north side. I mean, not even close. And this: Firefighter respond to two-alarm fire.

Hope everyone is ok, that's what we need to know, though.

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Lawrence school bus vandalized with anti-Free State messages

I'm sure because they figured out that there are cameras at the schools and you will get caught. Who knows who did it.

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