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Promoter not sure now on canceling 1,000-foot water slide event in west Lawrence; city gets report on its financial health

East side, east side. Not that 2 blocks east of downtown, so technically east. You can have it over here, we don't have roads open to our neighborhood anyway. For real, I bet if it was offered near the fairgrounds or Prairie Park it would get approved. We just don't get stuff like that over here.

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

Oh, yeah because that's the only place that could happen. "They"

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Lawrence lands major basketball tourney, but questions raised over how to use Rock Chalk Park rec center

Well, all the rec centers have basketball courts, just make sure they are open. Side note, I went to Rock Chalk to see a friend's kid in a tournament. It took me about 40 minutes to get there. Earlier in the day I'd been at a baseball tournament in Johnson County. Took about 30 minutes. I guess with slt it will make it easier to get there, but I am still bitter that this place is for all people in town, and it's so difficult to get over there.

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Sight of gun at Lawrence Taco Bell spooked someone Monday night, but officers determine no crime occurred

Umm, you might want to find out who the suspect was in this case. I saw him and only 2 cops.

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Burglary suspect apprehended after his vehicle strikes utility pole

I came upon the cleanup of this accident today and just didn't understand what happened. Obviously, I'm not the only one. The entire driver side of this vehicle was damaged, but couldn't figure out where the other car was. ODD. Glad he's caught and in custody and no one else was hurt.

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New city report says 27th Street may need $200K in traffic calming

I live east of Haskell. I ran my entire life using 31st as my main east/west road. Now, I use 1100 road as my main east/west transport. However, I do have to pick my kid up on the way home from work. I used to go down 31st to Louisiana still off of 27th, grab my kid and head back to 31st to go home. Now I'd be going WAY out of my way to use 23rd, all the way. I promise right now to do my part by staying off 27th just as soon as I get my 31st street back!

I agree we need sidewalks on both sides of the road. The time I am on 27th is right after school and kids are running across at random spots because they don't have a sidewalk on the north side. That will be an issue well into the future.

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Parks and recreation on pace to set record in 2015; get ready for closure of key Ninth Street intersection; parking changes on tap near Hillcrest school

Amen. I still haven't been there. Of course I go no where on that side of town.

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Bill would let home-school students in public school groups

Taxes don't pay for all of the tuition. I'm billed every year for my kids to attend public school.

I'm not against the kids playing. I think they should have to meet all the financials and they should have to go to the school that is the district they live in. And of course, they should have to try out just like the other kids. I'm not sure how I feel about the grades. I mean, my kids have to be in good academic standing. I know that most home school kids and parents do the education thing right, but not everyone does. I've known kids that are "homeschooled" so they can watch their younger siblings. (not here, but it does happen).

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

That's not true. I have uverse and no satellite. If you can't get uverse television in your neighborhood, you are told to get direct tv for your television. BUT, you can get internet without either.

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

I agree with the need. I don't agree with the how that we were offered. It is sad that police need to beg.

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