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Shawnee seeks district devoted to bioscience

Don't tell Mr. anti-Stem cell crusader Sam Brownback, or he will try to nix it.

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Suspected dealers gave up $10,000 in drug taxes during Wakarusa festival

I hate to admit it but Marion is dead on right here, and the article is wrong. The law *was indeed* passed specifically to allow for civil charges with lower proof thresholds to be used especially when criminal cases couldn't be made.

The article likening this to sales tax is all bulls***

The War on Drugs has failed and needs to be abandoned.

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Commissioners not sold on cost of distributing wireless Internet

Cable and Telco companies are agressively lobbying for laws and regulatory rulings across the nation to prevent cities and counties from getting into the business. Hmmmmmmmm.

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New era for Alvamar; board offers to step aside

I miss Putt-Putt.

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Vandalized campus Jayhawk could fly the coop

Hadn't thought about JB's big boy for decades... :)

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Gov. hopeful's press secretary under fire for lack of disclosure

I've always said the Christian right are capable of eating their own for breakfast.

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Grant provides rescue tools

pork barrell for Law Enforcement

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Actor cooks up new lunch at bakery

This guy has added some great new sandwiches to the food lineup.

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Burglar faces murder charge

Sigmund: Yes, assuming charged, convicted, etc.

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Clinic for uninsured losing $38K

Asbestos: All the programs you list have legislative and organizational constituencies. You are missing my point on how these programs are statutorily created and funded.....this is not all KDHE's doing.... Your example of the KLA program is typical. The ag lobby including KLA is very powerful in Kansas, and they usually are successful in shaping laws. KDHE didn't enact the law, the legislature did.

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