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KU officials decide to reopen search for new law dean after finalist takes job in Oregon

Earlier, the LJW reported that Judge Deanell Tacha, chief Judge for the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, is a finalist for the law dean position at Pepperdine. Judge Tacha has significant ties to KU law, and often supports the law school and its programs. In fact, her office is located in Lawrence. The question is why is she not a finalist for the KU law dean position?

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Joe-College.com ordered to pay Kansas Athletics more than $660,000

First, everyone needs to realize that the judge does not decide whether Joe-college was infringing on KU's trademarks. The jury decided that it was. The judge's task is only to decide if Joe-college's infringement was willful, which it most clearly was. Federal law provides that the prevailing party may recoup its attorneys' fees if the trademark violation was willful. For a case involving 206 trademarks that went to jury trial, $660,000 is a reasonable amount. Joe-college probably spent close to that amount in defense costs, when he could easily have settled the case for far less.

The comments here are funny, though, if this was a local musician suing a music company for using his copyrighted material, no one here would object. It is only because it is KU asserting its legal rights that people have a problem. Trademark law does not differentiate between companies and individuals.

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