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Editorial: Arrogant attitude

"It's approved, so lets get it built. The time for bitching and moaning is over."
thank god that those who think this way are dying off by the thousands every day.

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Lawrence police write 586 tickets in 2013 Click it or Ticket campaign

a silly excuse to revenue.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

"FHSU is running their school for about 100 bucks less an hour "

you get what you pay for.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

wrong, a bypass is a road whose purpose is to provide the wal-mart terminal in Ottawa with a cheaper route to I-70... and of course Wal-mart will pay for the road. Or maybe not

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Police investigating shooting in parking lot of Lawrence McDonald's

can we please send a bill to the city of topeka for all of Our dollars wasted on Their residents?


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Republicans approve tax, appropriations bills to conclude legislative session

I don't understand all the complaining. I'm really rich so I don't really care if everybody else has to pay more taxes. who really needs education anyway? I mean lets face it; without education You will be more likely to end up working for min wage at one of my factories. And since none of you can exist without me supplying you your job, its only fair that I shouldn't have to pay taxes.
Besides, gas is kinda expensive these days, and I need to fill up the boat.
So if you all would kindly stop trying to take what I've rightfully stolen, I would appreciate it.

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Turnpike toll collectors to see changes in how many hours they work because of ACA, officials say

soon the part-timer lazys will have the no rights they deserve. then the other full-time moochers will have to do ALL of the work, and just be thankful to have any job. Once we can abolish all of this government-imposed workers' rights stuff, we can get on to making some more money...its america, after all. greatest country in the world. we have #1 health care and lots of really rich people too. things are great. now we just need to eliminate all these civil liberties that keep the businesses down. businesses=good. employees=moochers. go team usa

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City accepts recreation center bids, but won' t proceed with building until Fritzel provides infrastructure costs

the saddest part is that the joke is on us. again.
he gets the jelly donut, we pay for it.
and NOBODY will stand up.

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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

HA! try the other side of town.
the stop light in front of wal mart on 6th st (congressional-the one the city paid for so that walmart could have its very own stop light) is ridiculous. It always give the right of way to congressional, even though 6th street IS hwy40. I often see 20 cars stopping to let 1 car pass through the intersection. very dangerous trying to slow down big trucks coming down the hill (east bound)... a real liability during winter months with icy conditions...even driving 20mph you slide downhill. The sensors are also faulty. during any kind of misty or freezing rain, the sensors freeze over and 'detect' a false traffic signature ( ghost image) from the north side of congressional, stopping traffic on 6th street for 5 minutes whilst motorists pile up at the light, trying to figure out why the signal cycled without any north-south traffic-then wondering whether to run thru like everyone else? or obey the law and wait for an eternity? Way to go lawrence
a real 'green' community. the more trucks and cars that start and stop and idle, the more exhaust. Not to mention the additional expense to the motorist in wasting gasoline, sitting at a light. but go ahead-I get paid by the hour! hardy-haR!

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