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Kansas University students arrested in Shawnee County

Um, i think you got your directions reversed there bugmenot...topeka is WEST of Lawrence, not East.

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Toddler back at home after three-story fall

Glad to hear he's safe...hasn't Boardwalk apts. learned enough to make its many needed repairs?

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Study: Flexible parenting can prevent overweight kids

Not to mention that oranges + milk = recipe for a stomach ache for a lot of people.

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District gives up on all-day kindergarten

Sending a kid to private school versus public isn't going to solve anything. Private school teachers frequently have advanced degrees, and if you look at the stats the farther along in college a person is the more likely they are to be atheist.

I am Christian, and want the best for my kids. Thats why I'm making sure they get taught what they need at home...anyone who relies on the school to teach their kids much of anything other than basics is setting themselves up for disappointment.

I would do Lawrence Virtual School well before I even considered a private school. What I find sad is how Minder says "it makes no sense to me" regarding paying $240 a month to public school versus day care. HELLO...not every child in the area goes to day care! My wife takes care of our two kids at home, and if you were to burden us with an extra $240/month for public kindergarten we'd either homeschool or move (we can't afford it on one salary).

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Lawrence officials join opposition to Tonganoxie turnpike interchange

Boog is totally right about would destroy the town with traffic. Guess who doesn't oppose it? Eudora's Mayor who conveniently owns a store right on the drag where the road would divert through.

Anyone want to see a really terribly run city should follow the eudora news...lets see, $75,000 to create a statue for the city, $3.7 million for a new pool, many more million for another stadium, oh, and we can't "afford" an arts program in the high school. Total crap.

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New turnpike interchange gets go-ahead

Of course the Eudora Mayor is all for it...he owns a beef jerky business right in downtown Eudora...he stands to gain substantially from this traffic increase. Nevermind the fact the school buses and tons of housing will be threatened by such an increase. Eudora was never built for heavy traffic, and unless they are willing to majorily revamp the Eudoran rodes I can't see it as anything other than a disaster area.

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Grief, concerns not borne alone

Why is everyone constantly saying "I hope parents learn from this". Kids are kids, and no matter how much we watch them and keep a tight hold on them they will run off on their own and play sometimes, and accidents happen.

I hope the CITY learns from this...I'm not saying its the city's fault or was an accident. But the city could add new precautions to lessen the chance of this sort of thing happening again. How about surveying a street to see how many kids are in an area, and adding extra signs when such is the case?

For those of you yelling at each other on here...for shame, a little boy is gone. How about some reverence.

February 1, 2006 at 1:59 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Boy, 6, dies in accident

Bryce was a great kid who always had a smile on. My utmost sympathies go out to the Olsens during this difficult time.

January 31, 2006 at 11:51 a.m. ( | suggest removal )

Professor blasts KU, sheriff's investigation

Of course the University asked him to step down as chair. He was chair of the RELIGIOUS department, and clearly is NOT impartial to religion. When someone who is teaching religion, and is the head of the entire department labels a group "fundies" because of their belief, it tells me that he does not respect their beliefs. How can someone teach and direct religion without respecting the beliefs of others?

He can think and feel however he wants, but when he expresses that to colleagues through and email and a proposed class, he states that he is not impartial in his beliefs. Yes he has the freedom of speech, but he has no right to demean a group of people becuase of their beliefs in a classroom setting. Its the same reason why a teacher should be fired if they started writing nasty feelings about muslims, jews, etc. Prejudice feelings have no place in an educational environment.

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Douglas County receives grant to expand anti-smoking efforts

I went to a restaurant in KC the other day where there was no ban. I realized after I took my first bite of hamburger that smelled and tasted like smoke how much I appreciate this ban. If you want to smoke, do it outside, its that simple. As for the "attack on the blue collar community", if anything it will help it live a little longer by forcing people to think twice as to whether or not its worth it.

Any industry that openly confesses to deception and conspiracy like the tobacco industry should be shut down. Period.

December 8, 2005 at 10:08 a.m. ( | suggest removal )