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Rec center puzzle involves many pieces and players

Obviously, many valid questions have been raised here. Where it may have appeared at one time as a great opportunity for the city, the University is moving forward on their own with their best interest at heart. The city should truly understand what the residents of our community really want and move forward accordingly.

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Fired officer suing city

In the end, good always wins~ somehow, someway! I support Mike in his desire to clear his good name. If i were in his position, truly believing I had done nothing wrong and was telling the truth, I would certainly fight to bring my truth to light for all to see. WalkIng away would tell a much different story. Walk your walk Mike!

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Fired officer suing city

Interesting, I would bet Mike Monroe was advised by legal counsel as to what information he could give the media as there is a pending lawsuit. I'm sure he would love to be able to share much more.

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Fired officer suing city

If Khatib had this knowledge, then ??? and it's been said from the beginning they CANNOT directly link timing and circumstances of receipt of basketball tickets to ticket fixing. Shouldn't that be extremely clear!?! Would b curious as to how much time Corliss spent reviewing this. The grievance committee spent 4 days. Who did reside on that committee? Its like sitting in a courtroom and getting the jury's verdict and then the judge throws it out. Hopefully, this process will not b needed by others. Good luck Mike in all u do. I know u as a man of integrity! Hold tight and strong to your convictions.

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Fired officer suing city

It appears the chief had knowledge of this information, more information than Sgt. Monroe and sat on that information until an anonymous letter appeared. Monroe has been fired for Sarna's actions which the chief himself had knowledge of. Did the chief turn a blind eye because of own report with Sarna, his police spokesperson? And fired Monre for knowledge he/himself had and hadn't acted on. I'm disapoimtef in this grievance process. It looks to me as if Khatib might need to clean his own room!

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Ex-officer awaits grievance process resolution

Just sit back and wait. The truth will prevail.

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Ex-officer awaits grievance process resolution

Sgt. Mike Monroe, I am so proud of you for standing up for the truth. You didn't walk away, you didn't resign, how could u when you didn't do anything wrong? Instead, they fired a man that was standing up for his integrity and still is standing on that integrity. Thoughts and prayers are with you through this process.

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Second Lawrence police officer in ticket-fixing investigation no longer employed with the city

There are certainly alot of assumptions here. Are we sure Mike Monroe resigned? Are we certain he did anything wrong at all? Why would an innocent man telling the truth resign? Easy answer!!! When you've done nothing wrong u don't accept a demotion or do u resign! Id say, stay tuned, more to come in this matter.

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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

Please remember that police officers do serve and protect us. They are the ones that respond to our 911 call, and at times, put themselves in harms way to ensure our safely. Matt Sarna has served many years on the LPD, worked in our schools as a resource officer, served on the Board of boys and girls club, and has personally helped me and other neighbors in many situations without asking for a thing in return. He has a beautiful family and I certainly hope you will all be kind-hearted as they rebuild their lives. Their children are precious and as adorable as they come. I'm not here to judge his actions with a friend over traffic tickets. He's an awesome person and a hugely helpful neighbor. My best to Matt and his beautiful family. Now, let's let them more forward in peace~those children deserve normalcy!!

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Douglas County prosecutors to review cases involving Lawrence police involved in dismissing speeding tickets

It seems so easy to pass judgement on others. For those who have been stopped for a speeding ticket and have been given a warning and been thankful for it, truth is, u broke the law and got away with it. In that circumstance, we seem to be grateful. For any of u that have ever taken even the smallest of things from your place of employment, woops! Everyone needs to take a look and make sure your own backyards are in perfect order before throwing stones. Though most of you seem to lack any respect for our police department, please remember these are the same men and women that have come to our rescue and are there to respond to our 911 calls in our emergencies. Have you ever needed their help?~I'm certain you'll appreciate them then!

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