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Editorial: Care act delay

Mod: here is a Bloomberg article that gives some details on the specific action taken by the President, along with some "unintended consequences" that are likely worse than the decision heading to the Supreme Court.......

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Education department challenges 'innovative districts' law

The law actually increases the the amount of regulation and government bureaucracy that ALEC/Koch/Trabert so vehemently complain about.

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Turnpike toll collectors to see changes in how many hours they work because of ACA, officials say

TG: KTA brings in about 90 million in revenue per year, including concessionaire rentals.

Using the most expensive route to to provide health insurance, the COBRA rate of $573 per month, it would cost KTA at worst, $639,438 per year to provide all 93 part time employees with fully paid health insurance. This would amount to seven tenths of one percent of revenue at worst.

This amounts to an increase in your drive to Kansas City from East East Lawrence by 1.2 cents. For the biggest commercial vehicle to travel the entire length of the turnpike, the rate would go up about 55 cents.

KTA could also use some of their net profits. In 2011, that alone was nearly 15 million. The $639,438 needed to buy health insurance is only about 4% of that years profits.

KTA could choose to reduce their head count by making more employees full time. This would reduce their liability for health insurance.

The actual cost of the insurance would in reality be less than the amount stated above because insurance would be purchased from the state employees pool. The numbers that I have presented are to illustrate that KTA can easily fund health insurance for their employees, if they should choose to do so.

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Turnpike toll collectors to see changes in how many hours they work because of ACA, officials say

Hours are being cut because of KTA management decision, not because of the Affordable Care Act. The truth is that the cost of providing health insurance for these 93 part time employees could easily be accommodated in the net profits [listed as the increase in net assets] that are routinely seen by the KTA. An increase of toll revenue of less than one half of one percent would similarly cover this cost.

The KTA could, but has chosen not to, reduce their head count by making more employees full time thus further reducing their liability for providing health insurance.

The fact is that the KTA has chosen to continue to cling to the longstanding corporate practice of passing the cost of their employees health care onto the insured public.

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Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says

According to the KDOC web site, 18% of the total inmate population are incarcerated for drug offenses. The numbers are not broken down by drug type, but if you look at the sentencing grid at the Kansas Sentencing Commission web site, you will find that first time possession of 25 grams of marijuana or even a second offense of possession are still "presumptive probation." Same goes for possession of 3.5 grams or less of cocaine.

Even first time possession with intent to distribute less than 25 grams of marijuana [about an ounce] is a "boarder box" which means that the court can grant probation. Same goes for 3.5 grams of cocaine or less.

When someone makes it into the system for possession of marijuana, it is virtually always when the offender has a lengthy criminal history, or when they are in possession of large amounts and intent to distribute is shown.

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Republican tax plans would increase state revenue, analyses say

Cherry picked data. This is the most easily debunked logic flaw. Trabert is a snake oil salesman of the worst degree.

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Chase near Tonganoxie ends with one man taken into custody

Shawn: Thursday morning? Was that last week?

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Opponents of drug testing for welfare benefits see it as hassling the poor; Brownback says it will help

Agreed, good post. What many folks do not seem to grasp is that it is the pharmaceutical companies that make drug testing kits and supplies for drug testing labs, and that the big pharmaceutical companies make huge campaign contributions to politicians like Brownback.

The new Kansas law, like other "war on drugs" laws that required drug testing of large groups of individuals [example: Workplace Drug Testing Act] are nothing but a boondoggle for big pharmaceutical companies. The Workplace Drug Testing Act and the Florida welfare recipient drug testing laws were both pieces of legislation drafted by ALEC, surprise surprise.

There is no motive in this bill to do anything except for big pharma to collect a bigger welfare check from the taxpayers.

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$1.5 billion KPERS bond proposal advances in Legislature

States cannot declare bankruptcy. Municipalities can.

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