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Saturday Column: Polished Obama message doesn’t tell whole story

Including you and yours......

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

Very accurate summary. I for one, am glad to pay into an insurance pool, and hope that I never get to collect......

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Douglas County jail volunteer inspires inmates

Wow, what a great story about a great citizen. Thanks for your efforts.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

What you have presented is an undocumented opinion from someone who has no authority or ability to enforce it. I would not give it much weight. My perspective is that it is just one more on the pile of misinformation.

What motorists and cyclists should be concerned with is what actually can be enforced. A "single file" requirement cannot be enforced under current law, and a cyclist cannot be held accountable for an accident that occurs while riding two abreast, absent other violations.. The proof is in the success that serious cyclists have had in protecting their right to ride two abreast.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

"....I completely disagree, and don't understand how you can possibly interpret the first clause as meaning anything other than riding as far to the right as is practicable, which means single file..."

I interpret the law as meaning "two abreast" is permitted because the law says "Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast."

Cyclists two abreast can ride " near to the right side of the road as practicable..." although one will be further to the center of the lane than a single cyclist.

I realize that this is a source of frustration for motorists, however, it is indeed the law. I am providing a link to a news article about a road rage incident involving a person who adamantly believed that it was illegal for cyclists to ride two abreast in Kansas. She ended up getting an education otherwise.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

"Are you really suggesting that you think it's ok for cyclists to simply ride two abreast in the middle of the road all of the time?" Yes, that is the law, and it has been for a long time. I realize that it is counterintuitive to a motorist that this actually improves safety.

I have not asked anyone recently because it has been the law for many years. I have challenged a number of law enforcement officers who started believing as you, but ended up agreeing with me.

Can you provide me with evidence that a cyclist in Kansas has ever been ticketed for riding two abreast, and where the ticket was upheld, except in those cities where there is an ordinance that is more restrictive than the state law?

In the US, there are actually about three variations of "two abreast" laws. States like Nebraska have a strict "single file" law. You get a ticket for riding two abreast at almost all times. There are three other states like this. Missouri and a cadre of other states permit "two abreast" except when two abreast would impede traffic. You get a ticket if you are riding two abreast and you are impeding traffic. Kansas is one of the few states that permits two abreast without restriction, except in those municipalities that have passed an ordinance that dictates otherwise.

I do not really have any disdain for the folks at the DMV. I am extremely frustrated that state officials do not effectively convey to motor vehicle operators their responsibilities in dealing with bicycles.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

It does not surprise me that someone at the DMV would tell you something like that, I note that you did not indicate that the DMV told you that there was any legal requirement that cyclists ride single file, only that it is "correct procedure."

This statute is the subject of much misunderstanding. The bottom line is that there is a specific allowance for riding two abreast.

Of more interest than a call to the DMV was the discussion of the statute at the public comments sessions of the state transportation committee. It is my understanding that in 2011 there was a move afoot to make Kansas a "single file" state, similar to the Nebraska law and the laws of three other states that have "single file" statutes. That move was contested by a number cycling organizations. An acquaintance that was present indicated that a number of bicycle police were present, and that they virtually always ride two abreast for safety reasons.

Single file riding creates a sense of false security among motorists. The motorist encountering a row of single file cyclists somehow develops the mistaken belief that they can pass the entire row without crossing the center line. when it becomes evident that the motorist has misjudged oncoming traffic, the motorist pulls back into the lane, and the cyclist pays the price.

When cyclists ride two abreast, as permitted by law, they actually increase safety by forcing the car to go to the opposite lane to pass, as they should be doing anyway.

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Bicyclist injured in accident

There seems to be a misconception that there is a firm requirement that cyclists ride in single file. That is not the case in Kansas.

KSA 8-1590 provides, at section (c): Persons riding bicycles upon a roadway shall not ride more than two abreast, except on paths or parts of roadways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.

The portion of the statute that requires cyclists to "....ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practicable..." is riddled with exceptions, one of which allows for a cyclist to overtake and pass another cyclist in the same lane. There is no time limit for overtaking.

There is nothing in the law that gives the motorist an expectation that the cyclist will always be to the far right hand side of the lane. Quite to the contrary, there are many reasons that a cyclist may not be clear at the far right hand portion of the lane, and the motorist must be prepared for these. Otherwise, it is predictable that the motorist will be held at fault in case of an accident.

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Free State High School art teacher Rachel Downs was named one of two Horizon Award winners Tuesday.

Rachel: Great job, and thanks for your commitment to excellence in teaching!!!

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Prairie Park teacher receives Horizon Award for outstanding first-year service

Wow.....thanks for your commitment to education Erica, you are a rare gem......

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