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Deciding on Christmas tree can be tricky

I'd suggest Evening Star Christmas Tree Farm

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Fritzel offers to make $50,000 historic preservation donation to help resolve Varsity House dispute

Just doesn't fly, return it to the original condition and/or put the real estate back up for sale...many people would have purchased the house/real estate without the shackles that were obviously in play.

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Color Run Lawrence

As a downtown resident, this event was very poorly planned to allow us to get to our home.

We had to use the alleys to actually get home, ridiculous

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Do you think Kanas University made the right move extending men's basketball coach Bill Self's contract through 2022?

no coach at the University of Kansas needs a guaranteed contract, period

especially Bill Self

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Downtown cameras demand strict limits

classclown, thank you for staying out of downtown, if this is your myopic perspective

in the end to provide safety, as is done around the world, what is one afraid of - the potential of poor video quality - or the actual act of committing a crime?

it appears most societies that use CCTV feel safer, have less crime, and are marginally worried about their personal rights being abused.

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Steve Jobs, Apple mastermind, dies at age 56

sad sad day, had the pleasure to meet and work with Steve

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Have you ever worn pink to show support for someone who has breast cancer?

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Grape expectations: New retail market simplifies wine-shopping experience

Hey, McFly. I thought I told you never to come in here.

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