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8 schools get all-day kindergarten

Good job, folks. BTW, Merrill, Kindergarten is still totally optional for parents.

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Play therapy produces dramatic results

Good program; we are losing way too many boys and need to intervene to save them.

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Rose faces up to 122 months for involuntary manslaughter

Well, some may pay for the paper, but it's still their playground. I'm sorry for the loss, but due process and the court system is not based on our emotions. If it were, we'd be in much worse shape than we are now, on this case and many others. Is is possible one of the skygods is paying attention to local news; if so, she will have the last word, won't she?

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Optimism is important trait for president

Well, I think Dumbya has just about taken away all our optimism. January 2009........a new day is dawning!

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Rose faces up to 122 months for involuntary manslaughter

m1983: Quit whining. The LJW owns this sandbox and can do whatever they want. Want "free speech?" pay for your own discussion site. As for the trial, I thought the verdict was pretty darned just, given the circumstances and the facts presented.

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Higher gasoline prices not all bad

Good point: Get it to $4 or so and keep it there. Tax the heck out of it to pay for the BS war Dumbya started to feed his macho genes. Use the income to pay down the debt after the war is over. The way we are going, our kids and grandkids may have to kill us to save the country and the world.

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It might be time to pull plug on phone

Phones are easy to ignore; just don't call anyone and don't answer the darned thing with it rings. Always ask yourself, "Is there anyone in the world I really want to talk to now?" If the answer is no, just sit there and it will quit ringing.

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Giuliani takes pro-choice risk

Here is the problem for social conservatives who view abortion as the ultimate issue.
This, Cal, is the heart of the matter. As long as the R's insist that the skygod bless all the zygotes, and that this principle drives public policy and private medical decisions, their party will struggle. The R's are not dead and gone, but they are crippled by this debate.

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Calling trees?

Calling trees only work if you know everyone is home to receive their call and make their assigned calls to those 'on the lower branches.' This system can be effective and is used in other schools. Of course, another alternative is for parents to suck it up, stop panicking over every incident and let their kids grow up a bit and accept the world's risks and problems.

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Women's wish

Good job; keep up the pressure.

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