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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

The outcome didn't come down to a single play or a single statistic. KU was playing from behind the whole game. They were a step or two behind on defense. Their offense was listless. They didn't push the ball and take advantage of fast break opportunities. You can see and appreciate effort even when it doesn't pay off. Regardless of how much talent is lacking compared with previous years, especially at the 1 and 4, and that several players are playing out of position, I'm seeing something that hasn't raised its ugly head since the last years of the Ted Owens regime. Owens was once a darling of college basketball, just like Self is now. A few years of lackluster, uninspired, play -- what Owens called "lack of passion" -- and he was gone. Next year, we'll see if what is happening now is a blip or a trend.

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KU playing catch-up while neighbors leave Big 12

Earlier in the day I wrote that Dolph isn't giving KU administrators enough credit. Since then, I've been following developments about prospective moves by Big-12 schools. It seems that now that Colorado and Nebraska have announced their plans, everyone else has been playing high-stakes poker. Texas and Oklahoma schools are brashly courting, while Bill Self is promising that KU will land on its feet. But Self doesn't offer any real information and when he's interviewed in full disco-wear, he resembles the Woody Harrelson character in White Men Can't Jump. What seems to have escaped people's attention in the Kansas media is how much attention the Big East is paying to these developments. Discussions have been occurring between Big East and KU administrators, and the Big East is interested in having KU, KSU, ISU, and MU (and if not them, then Memphis) join what would become a 12-team football conference with east and west divisions and a 20-team basketball super conference. If this is true, then Kansas is a player. What about that, Dolph?

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KU playing catch-up while neighbors leave Big 12

Dolph seems to think that the KU administration doesn't recognize the current situation as an opportunity to upgrade. I think he's giving them too little credit. First of all, the fit with the Big-12 (and the Big-8) was never all that great. KU is a basketball school in a football conference. Imagine them in the Big East or the ACC. Now we're talking. It's easy to dismiss the Mountain West, but its football potential over the next 10 years is as good as the Big-10's -- not up to the SEC or the possible Big 16, but pretty good. But what does offer in the way of basketball, which the Big-12 could never provide and left KU less than fully prepared for NCAA conference play? It appears now that colleges are going the way of mega business, with mergers and buyouts becoming routine. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years we see Oklahoma State making an offer for Wichita State's entire sports program. Sound ridiculous? Why not, if it benefits both parties? Dolph thinks that KU should get on the realignment bandwagon now. I say wait for the right offer, whether it happens next week or two years from now.

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