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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

Right and a belief in "white privilege" will fix all of this? You didn't fix anything and
you won't.

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School board studies 'critical race theory' in work on equity issues

White privileged is a shaming tactic. Full stop.

The goal here is not racial equality but a reversal of "power hierarchies" where
those deemed to have unearned racial advantage are shamed into
"giving it away" to those deemed to be less "fortunate". For decades, those is the race industry (like PEG) tried to get Whites to internalize their racism but it just didn't
work. They couldn't get enough people to think of themselves that way so now "white
privilege" is the the new tactic. "It's not because you're racist, it's because you're white!"
Think you earned that job? Nope you're white. Think you earned those grades? Nope
you're white. You're parents work hard to send to you college heh? Nope you're all white.
Under "white privledge" there is no skill, no hard work not even good luck. You woke up one day white and everything you have was just handed to you and you should feel bad about it.
Really bad.

That the Lawrence School Board is wasting their time on this tripe is just depressing. Do they really think that understanding of "white privilege" is going improve African-American test scores. What's the strategy here? Tell the white students to not study so hard because they're white and everything is going to work out for them regardless? Write "Check your privilege" next to every white student's A? Maybe they can setup of an "white privilege" penalty where every white student's A automatically gets knocked down to B. After all they didn't actually earn that A it's just their privilege.

What a joke.

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