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Opinion: Conservatives seek to rewrite history

It should be noted that both Gandhi and MLK both got their central philosophy from one, Henry David Thoreau. Civil Disobedience, one of his many seminal works, has stood the test of time and inspired many "revolutionaries" who seek change without violent revolt or overt confrontation. Your point on Israel is well taken, but this has been posed before and a minority within the Palestinian Authority have voiced such an opinion in the past, to no avail of course.

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Gay marriage critics are old news

Pitts conclusion supported. Exhibit A.

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Did you attend Kansas University?

Affirmative, MPA, School of Public Affairs and Administration.

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Kline wants judge off disciplinary panel

If it were untrue he could have filed a libel suit against said judge and then argued conflict of interest and had her removed. That being said, the distinction is between the words demeaning and dishonest is the real point. They are playing word games in public, but any self-respecting legal mind could wade through this rather simply. He's in VA anyway, why does he care what his professional status in KS is?

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Cuts needed

"After all, Kansas government is no different than any business operating today; it must become more efficient and save money."

This is a fallacy of the first order, and the running line from Conservative "Think Tanks" across the country. Effective Gov't can not be run like a business nor should it. First of all, businesses are concerned with the bottom line (i.e. profits/capital) Gov't on the other hand is concerned with providing services which are the very life blood to many of the most vulnerable citizens. Not to mention, burdened with many of the societal costs of such items as road construction/maintenance, public health, clean water/air/soil, child protective services, emergency response/management to name a few. There is no profit in these areas only a shared societal value. Under many business models these efforts would lose a company money, however these efforts are essential to a healthy, functioning society.

This is not to say that Gov't can not be more efficient, but efficiency as the author here describes is to cut further into these very services that the citizens expect. This is nothing more than a thinly veiled effort to further shrink Gov't in order to slash its effectiveness in regulatory efforts and oversight in order to leave business less incumbered with compliance. Similarly, efficiency in the name of effectiveness would be foolhardy. Businesses are in the business for making money and only save money in order to bolster the bottom line, they have no obligation to the economy as a whole, but rather to their shareholders. Gov't, conversely, is beholden to the citizens from which its power is derived and if we are to expect our Gov't to reflect our values and principles, it should be evident in the effectiveness of the services.

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Proposal puts part of Lawrence in 1st District

It's called gerrymandering. Look at Texas. That's the model the heavily Republican Legislature is going for.. They intend to completely render the Democratic minority ineffectual. Any proposal is going to have large urbane centers (historically more liberal) surrounded by geographically larger rural swaths (historically more conservative). This is political long game strategy at its most blatant.

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Secretary of State Kris Kobach criticized for forming PAC

The greatest form of criticism is to not vote for re-election!

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8 Kansas legislators endorse Gingrich for president

In related new...Oh, wait. There is no related news, because NO-ONE cares what these backwards "fly-over state" hayseeds think!

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Drug testing for Kansas welfare recipients proposed

Did anyone see the "report" on a similar law in Florida.

This is a HUGE, ENORMOUS, GARGANTUAN waste of tax payer money...

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Kansas Senate approves congressional map that consolidates Lawrence in 2nd, puts Manhattan in 1st

SinoHawk has it right. Gerrymandering is next to impossible with only 4 Congressional Districts. Actually, if anything, this strengthens the Moderates and Democrats. The population growth (as little as it is) is in the urban centers of Wichita, Manhattan, Topeka, Lawrence and Johnson County. This actually consolidates the power of more moderate political views in Kansas. As some people have mentioned previously, this does not bode well for Rep. Jenkins or Huelscamp as their districts were previously structured more to the "Right." Now with Manhattan included in District 1 and bringing in Lawrence into District 2, the political views are likely to be more tempered than in the past.

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