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Attorney General's office undecided on death penalty in Burlingame quadruple homicide

My guess is the AG's office is trying to keep the little boy from having to testify. Could be, that if the nut pleads guilty, they'll drop the death penalty. Even though most people know what happened the little boy is still they only witness that saw some of what his dad did it before he ran out of the house.

PS If anyone wants to help cover up Fred Phelps messages his family will be in Burlingame again this Saturday.

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Citing budget cuts, state suspends hotel safety and sanitation inspections

I worked in this program for the state in 1975. There's always been a program. It was called Food Service and Lodging in the KDHE A while back it shifted to the Dept. of Ag.

The state used to charge a small fee for a restaurant or hotel/motel license and that cost was used to pay for inspections. It was state general fund money so I image it was taken away to help balance the budget.

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Statehouse Live: More cuts, more problems; Teacher workload discussed

All state employees.....assume the position. If he won't raise taxes, or cut welfare programs, or cut schools that only leaves state employees to make up the difference.

At lease he's gonna go it before anyone goes out on Friday to buy Christmas for their kids.

I bet the stores wished he would have waited!

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‘Tough, hard’ cuts on way for higher ed

We have already assumed the position.......

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Business development taking shape

Hope they keep the shelves stocked better in Lawrence than in South Topeka.

Tons of times I get the "that's outta stock right now" when I call and need something.

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Kansas Supreme Court upholds ban on commercial wind farms in scenic Flint Hills

In all fairness to everyone who does anything that the greenies of Lawrence don't like.

I expect to see Greenpeace and the lovely Sierra Club strolling thru Alma, and the other areas of the Flint Hills with their signs protesting the residents like they've done to Westar.

These could say "Country Bumpkins don't care about us smart greenies". OR "Citizens of Wabaunsee County will be responsible for more global warming".

I'd be a little careful going out amongst the red necks. They probably won't be too receptive to your ideas.

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Statehouse Live: Flint Hills beauty defeats wind farms; Parkinson says tax increase may be needed; governor names Thornton, defends Kerr in commerce controversy

cjonline also stated that this guy's been unemployed since June.

You'd think with all those qualifications he have a job. The state of Kansas to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's this gonna cost per year?

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Three Kansans die from H1N1 influenza virus

My 3 grandkids had this. One spent 2 days in the hospital.

There's a sudden onset with this. At 4 in the afternoon they were not feeling real great. By 9 pm had fevers of 103 and above. That's kinda how you tell it isn't just a cold.

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The gospel of Pope Michael: Kansan stakes own claim to Catholic Church

This nut is a spinoff of the off-the-wall catholics that took over the town of St. Marys.

Kinda like a modern day Martin Luther. He didn't like the doctrine so he started his own church!

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