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Former KDHE secretary Rod Bremby says he did not resign

The insider is spot on. There was a lot of stuff going on in that department that the public was not aware of. The health screening was just one of many "I'll rub your back if you rub mine" going on. But, I guess he learned from a pro in Kathleen. Except. when it came time to rub his back she lost his phone number.

I don't know what great things he did for Lawrence but KDHE will never be the same. Maybe Lawrence can find another job for him.

PS. He hasn't been married for quite some time. Maybe she got tired of his crap too!

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Former KDHE secretary Rod Bremby says he did not resign

Anyone who accepts an unclassified position with the state can be let go at any time for any reason. When a person accepts a postition such as this they know the terms when they accept it. Why is he crying about it now? He made a lot of salary sitting home until Brownback took control.

He was Kathleen's puppet and she didn't repay him for getting her the attention she got.

Where are his credentials that give him more knowledge than the people writing the permit?

The laws were followed in the permit. People might not like the laws but until they are changed they are the laws that govern how permits are issued.

His anger should be addressed to Kathleen for letting him down and leaving him high and dry. Not Brownback for cleaning Kathleen's house.

Plus...He sounds like a baby that got kicked out of the playpen. Grow Up. Your life as the head of a Department in the State is over. Move on. I can't recall an ex secretary calling a news conference to whine. This is truly a first. And I might add, not very professional.

Watch where he winds up being employed. Then you'll see where he was feathering the nest for future employment.

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KDHE Secretary Rod Bremby to leave health department in preparation for new Kansas governor

Gee.....Maybe the data manager in the middle of the lost KDHE data mess can go bye bye now also.

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KDHE fetches documents from storage to help restore records lost in computer failure

So much for things being backed up every night.

So much for the statement that "no data was lost".

When do we vote in a new governor????????? Then you'll see a change in IT manager knowledge

The part that stinks is that the warning signs were there and people were alerted but didn't do anything til a lot of damage was done.

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Bremby: KDHE computer problems to cost more than $600,000 to solve

It took 11 days to make a public statement regarding this issue. There were indications of problems before the crash. Nothing was done to stop it. Looks like no one will be held accountable for this.

He won't be there after the election. He's just riding out the big paycheck til it's over for him.

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Student plans to file complaint after being confronted by Eudora police

In small town America.......

If the only people to witness this this were the officer and Martinez all I can say is good luck!

As I was told by a cop after I "did" stop at a stop sign.

He said I didn't. Then he said it was my word against his. It sucks but he was right.

That's when I realized what kind of power law enforcement officers have if you don't have a witness for your side.

Bingo.....the judge woulnd't even listen to what I have to say. He told me that "His officer would not make the mistake of saying that I didn't stop".

I paid the fine. :(

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Phelps calls for an exception

Topjawhawk is right, unfortunately. I have witnessed these people up close while trying to bock their signs at a funeral for 3 little children murdered by their father. Yes, they do those types of funerals also.

I believed for a long time that after Fred died that this might die out also. But his daughter Shirley is meaner than her father was.

The hate that this woman spews out is over the top.

I appears to run three generations deep now. Her children and nieces and nephews were holding signs that stated something to the effect that God loves people that kill children.

As long as people pay them to be attorneys and feed the "kitty" they are going to have the money to go all over the country to spew this hate. My thought was to picket their place of business just in case some of their clients don't know what they are about and try to shut down their "travel" money but it would take dedicated people who weren't afraid of their retaliation.

The patriot guards and other concerned and caring people do their best to shut out their poisioned messages but I don't think that will ever shut them down.

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Kansas Legislature adjourns regular session; budget work put off until April 28

The best part is that they work for 4 months but get credit for a year for KPERS benefits.

They all get a big fat check for life for 4 months work per year.

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Census forms coming soon to a mailbox near you

Mine was left in a plastic bag hanging on my mailbox yesterday.

I live in the country.

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Kansas corrections chief says, depending on budget situation, he may ask to close prison

On the national news last night they intereviewed the mayor of the town where the Gitmo people are going.

That town couldn't be happier with the millions of dollars coming into their area.

Thank goodness our reps kept all that federal money out of LOL!

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