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Truancy policies can catch parents by surprise

As a parent who lives in the Deerfield area I have been following this thread closely. We currently have our children in private school but were looking at possibly sending them to the neighborhood school. Now, I don't think it will be worth it for us. This is yet another bad report about this principal. We have heard many. This makes me sad because when we first moved to the area in 2005 we only heard wonderful and glowing reports from Deerfield parents. We still opted for private school for various reasons. We would rather save the K-12 money for college but private school has served us well.

Reading through many comments the words that kept coming to mind were "Arbitrary and Capricious". The way this principal uses her discretion (and the nurse/office staff?) in deciding who will be punished by these truancy guidelines is Arbitrary and Capricious. Apparently, a single parent with a medical condition has become a criminal matter. This may very well be a case for the local ACLU. Give them a call and run the facts by them.

We are criminalizing being a single mother? Is this the community we want for our children? Where is the compassion and empathy? If it takes a village-well-this leader (principal) just threw you in front of a bus! At best this is just plain sloppy/ laziness on the part of the principal and staff. At worst, this is a vindictive and abusive use of administrative power. Reporting a 6yo for truancy is a BFD! Why not save the resources for the kids who really need it? Why traumatize a young child needlessly?

This is bullying behavior.

Having read through many of the district school handbooks I was very dismayed to learn that you are at the mercy of each prinicipal and how they have chosen to interpret district policies, and by far Deerfield seems the most punitive.

Reminds me of my time back at THS when each division principal would apply the rules as they saw fit and it was hardly fair to students who weren't in the "cool" division (it was Div III for all you THS alums). You remember right? There was way more empathy for students in Div. III and if you were in Div II... well... no amount of hard luck swayed that guy. Does the treatment sound familiar Tracy? It is obvious Quail Run and Langston Hughes parents enjoy a much more benevolent application of these rules. The demographics between all three schools are not strikingly different so why such punitive implementation? Does Deerfield have that many "derelict" parents compared to QR and LH?

I am not buying it.

If I were you I would lawyer up NOW. As soon as you got that letter it should have prompted a call to an attorney. It costs some pretty pennies but this is a really punitive act and it must be fought. Organize your fellow parents and check with the Kansas ACLU first.

The district won't change it's behavior if everyone just rolls over. It will just reinforce business as usual.

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

middle school kid....darn newby posting fingers

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What is the first album you ever remember owning?

U2 The Joshua Tree on vinyl...epic for a

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