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Case sets strip-search precedent

Oh, and thanks to Mike Hoeflich for highlighting this important issue -- great commentary!

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Case sets strip-search precedent

The partisan, Tea-Party/corporate lapdog majority in the Supreme Court is beginning to depress me. How in hell do we get out of the mess they are creating for us with these ridiculous rulings that fly in the face of our Constitution? I love all your comments, though -- funny! Sometimes we have to laugh to keep from crying... ;-)

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Reader disputes view of Kochs

Great comment! Thanks for the informed evaluation of the Koch family business. We need watchdogs like you, especially now...

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Foxes outside KU's Watkins Home

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing... :-)

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Do you think attorneys should monitor voting to avoid the problems of the 2000 election?

I think whatever works to keep the Republican, paid poll-"watchers" from intimidating and generally impeding voter's rights at the polls is a good thing. I'm sick to death of the downright unethical deeds that have been done by the GOP to try to suppress the votes by Democrats this election, mostly poor and/or people of color. Talk about unAmerican! I'm sure the Republican poll-"watchers" have their pat excuse like, we need to make sure the Democrats aren't padding the vote with thousands of fake voters. But I got news for them, the outrage over disenfranchisement in 2000 has been simmering just under surface, and Democrats can EASILY find thousands who want some payback this time around. Payback with votes that will actually get COUNTED. None of this (GOP poll "watchers" and hovering liberal lawyers), of course, would be necessary if our federal government had done something substantial about the last debacle. It hasn't, though, and that comes as no surprise -- Bush and others benefit from the leaky, fraud-ridden system we have in place right now...

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