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Should Lawrence City Commissioners approve an ordinance to make it illegal for long-term campers to set up living quarters in public parking spots in front of South Park?

I have no problem with these two men parking their RV's and living in them. However, I do think they could park them someplace besides in front of the park on one of our main streets. Are their no vacant lots in town they can park in? Maybe even the lake? They both must receive some kind of income and get it at a PO box since they have no street address.

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Commissioner: Proposal to rename Missouri Street ‘petty and childish’

I think the stretch from the top of the hill to Mississippi would be a better fit if you want to change a street name and it really doesn't have to do with a rivalry with Missouri

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How many states have you been to?

28...including the state of confusion

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900 speeding tickets issued in construction zone on Kasold Drive

Well now I know where all the Lawrece police officers were at the times when I was PASSED by speeders on Connecticut, Barker and East 15th streets in the last month. Good job there.

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/redesign/2007/ -- 2007 redesign

I don't care for the new design....I can"t find a thing. Had to do a search just to find the am I supposed to know if I died or not if I can't find it? Also can't find the daily record to see if I was arrested either. The old front page was much better with the column on the left.

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Pedestrian hit by car identified

I do not care for the new is difficult to find anything

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Do you enjoy ice skating in the winter?

There is still a miniature golf course in is out on hwy 10 East of Lawrence where the driving range is

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